Benevolent Love

I wore my heart on my sleeve

and within a locket you promised it would keep

instead, cast aside the necklace did rust

and, so too, did my benevolent love


until my locket around another’s neck you did place

to tighten


remind you, my love

I’m still here

6 thoughts on “Benevolent Love”

  1. What the…so you just land here with a poem and that’s it??????
    Damn woman.
    Missed you.
    And you took me away with this intense lightning bolt of poetry.

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    1. Fiiierrryyy, heyyyy!! How goes it? Yeah I decided to try get things going again with writing so had a bash at some word prompts. It’s all samey samey no rhythm nonsense at the moment. My brain took a beating right in the imagination, but I’ve hardly written anything (not even dumb blogs) in ages and I’m worried I won’t write again unless I just do something. That and I’m impatient on giving it any longer to work itself out. So please excuse any trash that appears on here for a while haha! Missed you too, obviously, ofc! xxxx

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