On the look-out for the spooks and the scares!

Have I ever told you horror films are my hero? They’re everything I wish I could be! Oh heh heh heh, what’s a bit of terrible rearranged lyric karaoke between friends?!

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it before, but the landing page for this blog is actually the landing page for an old blog I used to write. I it stole from myself, self-thievery! I had a blog where I would review horror – films, games, books etc. I don’t know how often I’ve spoken about media likes, loves, get the hell away from me type things on this blog but I decided to tap a bit about horror today.

I feel as though my husband and I (he’s a good un, not sure how much he truly enjoys horror but he puts up with it for me) have watched all there is to watch of decent horror on Netflix. We seem to be delving into the land of teen screams more lately and that isn’t a fun part of the genre for me. I like the supernatural type horror, without the bathtub scenes. Ever noticed how many horror films will have a girl in a bathtub at some point? Watch out for it. It is now on my radar along with spooky children.

I might start writing some of my thoughts on the horror I watch, maybe some of you will agree or uh maybe some of you will fight me (please don’t fight me I am very small), but it could be fun!

Because of that, I’m not going to talk too much in depth about horror and instead write about what I watch when I watch it. I will quicklllyyyy say that one of my favourite horrors of the moment is The Ritual and wish there were more films like this, or even like The Conjuring – I adore that film and I’m eagerly awaiting the new one!

I haven’t been reading much by the way of novels lately as I’ve been pretty involved in a serious relationship with Webtoon. On there is a comic called Ghost Teller and I am obsessed. If you’re interested in comics and want to read an amazing one – both for art and story, then definitely check it out. The premise is that it is terrifying tales told by ghosts about people. Pretty neat, huh! I think that is one-way Stephen King shined (was always shining… ahaha… I’ll see myself out), he found the evil in us and presented it. We’re much scarier than any ghost or monster could ever be.

On the other side of scary, I am in desperate need of this beauty from Home Depot.


No, no, you don’t understand. I’m quite sure that if I don’t have this worm living in our garden (and wasn’t it only yesterday I mentioned gardening? Roses, hedge things, sandworms… the usual) then I will simply die. Die, I say! You can’t see me, but right now I am dramatically pushing the back of my hand to my head – oooooh the woe! But, really, isn’t he gorgeous? Aaaaaah. Thankfully my husband has promised him to me – one day…

Halloween, I can’t wait! It will be my first in America. I might send my cats out trick or treating – in my mind at least. I wouldn’t dare try dress them up, I’ve seen their snips! I have to snip their snips and all the while they’re snipping at me. Why do I live with these psychos again?

On that note, I’m off to be unproductive in some way. I’m getting quite good at this home decorating deal. I’ve even mastered the standing around with my hands on my hips going hmmmmm while staring at different parts of the wall and ceiling. Hmmmmm…

don’t say I never get you anything

Hope Saturday is treating you well!

As always recommendations for horror anything are always welcome – although if it’s gore I’ll probably pass!


Arbie xxxx


11 thoughts on “On the look-out for the spooks and the scares!”

      1. I’ve just checked out the posts and wow that looks like a day to remember! A lot of thought and effort looks to have gone into the exhibition – it looks really impressive!


  1. Reading this after your Hereditary review so am a bit disoriented 🙂
    Please write more stuff on horror! I won;t send my recommendations if you don’t like gore though…
    Did you see the series ‘Penny Dreadful’? There is gore in season 1 but subsequently it becomes a bit more supernatural.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I used to have a blog where I posted horror reviews so I’m going to bring those across. I wish I could just post old posts and not have them show up in the reader to others, but because they do it might get a bit confusing as they’re a lot shorter and from 5 years ago! I haven’t seen Penny Dreadful! I started watching it but drifted away from it for absolutely no reason, so I will get back on with watching that! It is exactly the kind of show I would love, so no excuse not to watch!

      Liked by 1 person

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