No, Noooooo, I dun wanna!

I know, I know, I’m an adult and throwing a stomp stomp foot foot tantrum should be long behind me but jesus henry christ is it hard to paint a ceiling. And oh the shame, I was so proud of my hands on hips hmmmm-ing I even made mention of it in yesterday’s post. It would seem though, that no matter how hard you hmmmmm at a ceiling, it just won’t paint.

It’s done though! Well, the guest room ceiling is done. I’m getting nervous/excited because soon I’ll be able to start painting the walls a light lilac colour. But we weren’t able to get swatches so I just have to hope the sunlight in the room and lamp light make it still look pretty. I’ve planned it with my mom in mind. She’s super pretty and elegant and so lilac and white – soft colours – seemed the way to go.

Part of me wanted to design the room with my dad in mind, and had the room been brighter or a little larger it would have been a coin toss! It would have meant darker colours and a Sherlock Holmes vibe with dark wood furniture, maybe even a fancy chest that looks like it’s just been dragged off a train and lugged off around London! Because, uh, why not, eh!

We’ll see how we get on with the light colours though. This is probably very boring, so I will be including pictures in the future because well, no need to read when there are pictures and short comments haha!

I am pretty happy that we got the ceiling painted. I had a burst of energy last night and so I sanded down any marks left over from when we removed the popcorn ceiling, and went along the ceiling trim thing to get rid of any we missed. I pushed myself to work hard so that we could start painting. Then I barely slept. I woke up to the usual sound of cats galloping around the house and soon realized sleep wasn’t going to happen. After a few hours, even though bloody exhausted and sweating (you know those gross tired sweats, like your body just feels like you’re in a sauna even when not moving– ugh) I was determined to get it done. Now it is! Vuhuu high-five ghost hand!

Painted white ceiling and arrrgghhh yellow walls
I wonder if when you high five the air a ghost really does high five back.

I wonder if all those times I’ve been hand on hips hmmming at walls I’ve been doing it to a ghost and it thinks I’m really judgemental and critical and has something new to talk to its ghost therapist about…


Anyway, long story short: I painted a ceiling, drank a lot of tea (which I think is my super power up Mario mushroom thing), and I learned that you can’t stare at a wall and hope it does something.


I look forward to posting pictures in the future so you can all laugh at my terrible efforts! Why can’t you just throw paint at a wall and hope for the best?


Next time in Arbie DIY adventures: How do air plants work? Why do houses need to have so many ceilings and why won’t they paint? How do I tell my cat he isn’t supposed to like lemonade? Why did they change Ash Ketchum’s face?




Hope you’re having a fine Sunday!

Arbie xx

8 thoughts on “No, Noooooo, I dun wanna!”

  1. HAHAHA!



    Btw, a big fan of the Sherlock Holmes room look but I also love that you’re trying a different direction. Less clutter to get trapped on those brain Velcro hooks, right babe? I get you

    Please more please and thank you, please okay?


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    1. Whyyyy hello there love! Missed you too! Haha it doesn’t seem to matter how simple I try to keep things in the house, it’s always a mess! 8 cats doesn’t help. Messy buggers. I’ll be posting a lot of pointless crap I’m sure. I’m trying to keep the attitude of just writing this for myself and not worrying at all if anyone reads it! Hope you’re well beaut! 🙂 xxxx

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  2. This is so funny! I can proudly state that I have not just painted but wallpapered ceilings – which if anything is entertaining for the casual viewer.
    At one point we decided that life is too short so we paid decorators to do this sort of thing. But these days it is getting so hard to just get someone to turn up and do it that we gave in and started DIY again.
    And I would LOVE a room with a Sherlock Holmes vibe. In some ways we do have one – our back room is lined with book cases and has a stove and no technology. What I would really like is wood-panelling – which also gets you out of painting too.

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    1. Aaaaah my arms ache just thinking of wallpapering the ceiling! Which, I absolutely know we should have done as per my father’s suggestions but… but… yeah, it wasn’t going to happen. I’m sure we’ll regret it in the long run! Did you use paste or that self stick type stuff? I remember watching my dad paste wallpaper, it looked like something Satan would use as a torture technique! haha!
      And yes! Hard and sooo expensive! It’s pretty tough because my husband is disabled so really can’t do a lot, but I’ve got the time at the moment (I can’t work until I get my immigration papers) so I may as well play house haha! It takes longer, but my social anxiety is pretty bad so I’m not going outside much anyway!
      Your back room sounds like a dream! A dream I tell you! I love the idea of having a wall lined with bookcases… I might see if we can somehow add that in here in the future. I’m sure the cats would have a grand time destroying it haha! And yes yes yes to wood-pannelling! On days when I feel like being nosy I look at the houses that are selling for a fortune and see such beautiful pannelled rooms. I thought about using that wainscot thing around the bottom of the living room in case the green is too, uh, green (sounds dumb but hopefully you get me!). I’m going to be putting a few plants in this room as part of catifying it so I’m looking forward to what you think!
      Hope you’re doing well! 🙂


      1. Paste of course! It is definitely a two person job. With one person up the ladder carefully applying the paper and the other on the floor supporting it with a sweeping brush so it does not peel off again before the end of the length is secure!
        Your plan sounds great! I love our bookcases. We had them made locally to match the wooden fire surround we already had in that room.
        Hope you feel more confident soon – my own SA is being a bit of a swine at the moment too.

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