Global Climate Strike

“We owe it to ourselves, but most importantly to future generations to win this fight.


For better or worse, this burden is ours to bear and ours to overcome — together we can succeed. United the world will stand on Friday 20th September and united we will continue to stand until political leaders act

The climate strikes will have over 4,600 events taking place in over 140 countries calling for concerted urgent action on climate change around the world. Hundreds of companies, including Patagonia, Lush, Burton, Ben & Jerry’s and Atlassian are giving their employees time off to attend the day of action. Around 1,000 staff from Amazon are walking out in protest at Amazon’s lack of action on climate change. More than 170 websites (including Kickstarter, Sunrise Movement, The Tor Project and Greenpeace) will be joining the digital equivalent of the climate strike to send a clear message — ‘No more business as usual’.”

– Ryan Mizzen


Please read all of Ryan’s article on the upcoming protest taking place globally 20th September HERE. (


Greta and Ryan
Ryan meeting Greta Thunberg at a climate protest in London.

I am keeping my own words to a minimum on this post as I couldn’t in a million years say better what Ryan does in his article. I would like to ask that you take a few minutes to read the above linked post written by, my friend, Ryan Mizzen. It is a passionate and well-informed take on both the upcoming climate strike and on the state of climate change and awareness at the current moment.



5 thoughts on “Global Climate Strike”

    1. Hey Ivor! Just in case there’s any misunderstanding, the article was written by my buddy Ryan! If no misunderstanding, then sorry for my misunderstanding! Ehehe! It is a brilliant article!


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