Old Thoughts on: The Innkeepers

With the Yankee Pedlar Inn soon to close, only two members of staff are left working the final shift. Convinced the hotel is haunted they decide to use the lack of guests to their advantage.  But attempts to gain the spirits attention and find evidence of a haunting leads them down a dangerous path where for one employee there is no turning back.

Sara Paxton (The Last House on the Left) plays the role of Claire, a confident, tomboyish girl and one of the final two employees. Having not seen any apparitions (apart from those shown to her via video by coworker Luke)  she is naively eager to join in as a fellow ghost hunter to find footage to post onto Luke’s ghost blog. Although not a fan of The Last House on the Left, I am a fan of Sara Paxton. In The Innkeepers she is convincing and controlled when necessary. But that being said her co-stars performances were just as good, making the film easy to watch without having to cringe and hope for one of them to die just to make them stop . . .

The film as a whole doesn’t fail to please. Most of it is light-hearted in nature, making the frightening parts all the more effective as you’re led into a false sense of security.

Another thing I liked about this film was although it is a modern ghost-hunting story, it didn’t make use of the shaky camera effect that most do, nor was it a documentary style film. Bonus.

The only downfall, and this may be a personal one, is that I’d have liked to have seen more of the mystery explained. But possibly there will be a sequel? Though I doubt it, one can hope!

Watch Again? Sure would.

Creepy Child? Nope!

Spook Factor:




O’er here!
Pft, so silly. Don’t you know never to follow someone in a horror film who beckons you with psssst? Anywaaaay, you’re safe… for now… ehehe, okay you’re safe, you’re safe! I just wanted to give you a heads up (hey, better than heads off!) that any time one of my Thoughts On posts is instead Old Thoughts On it means I wrote it a few years ago on an old horror review site.
Happy scaring!
Arbie x

5 thoughts on “Old Thoughts on: The Innkeepers”

    1. Aha my husband was exactly the same! Now he’s pretty hooked on them too! Eeep, I’d offer mine, but they’re always freakishly cold you’d just think it was a ghost!


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