Old Thoughts on: Poltergeist

Disturbances in the Freeling household soon turn malicious when their child is taken by the spirits that reside within the house. The story follows their attempts to free her and rid themselves of the entities presence.

I love this film. Love it. Despite it not being overly frightening it is incredibly entertaining. In parts there is suspense and in parts there is comedy. In fact the film itself sometimes seems to me as though it is simply a black comedy. This is a horror film that is absolutely worth watching if for nothing else but to hear Carol Anne say, “They’re here!” in her sweet yet creepy but still sweet voice. It could also be used as a parent training video for section 11 “Why You Shouldn’t Encourage Your Children to Play with Ghosts”. Seriously Mrs Freeling, strapping a football helmet on your daughter is not going to save her from a poltergeist.

Watch Again? Absolutely.

Creepy Child? Yup!

Spook Factor:



Overall Rating:

3 thoughts on “Old Thoughts on: Poltergeist”

    1. I am! And yes! I showed my husband the trailer and he was giggling to it, and I said I bet it was pretty scary when it came out though and brought up what it was like when films like The Exorcist were first shown! They’re still brilliant though! I think a re-watch of poltergeist is on the cards for Halloween!

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