It’s a short title but it seems sufficient given the past few weeks. I know I said that I wanted to write more often (oh ho ho, always said but never done) and that remains a fact! This time, however, it wasn’t personal difficulties alone that kept me from the keyboard. I’m sure I mentioned that I have been going through immigration and basically that’s exactly what has been keeping me busy!

I stress easily, and I fixate even more easily so. If there is something that needs “dealing with”, especially if that something is stressful, I obsess over it. Perhaps it’s something to do with OCD – I don’t know, probably not, but essentially the vast majority of my mental energy has been taken up by my petition for residency, even when there was literally nothing I could do for it.

I’m not going to make this post about that specifically but to give a brief rundown: I had my interview on Halloween (fitting) and when we weren’t approved on the spot (something that happens here and there) we stressed and I went into must research all and everything mode, this was of course after mad must research everything before interview mode. In the end, worried for nothing. All was fine! Application approved. Phew.

I’ll not talk about the fact we’re now looking at going to England haha. I miss England and my husband prefers it as well. Also, family. I want to try and have better relationships with my family whereas he’s not too fussed about his. Makes sense to be on the other side of the water.

In the meantime, we’ll hopefully make the most of being here though and visit places – health dependant of course!

Other than that, argh it’s nanowrimo! I never even finished the project I was working on last nanowrimo that I nearly bloody killed myself over because I became too stubborn and determined to complete the whole 60k thing. Well, if I set about attempting Nano again then it’ll be a similar ordeal since I’ve written nothing for it so far.

I haven’t written much fiction wise of anything. I panic over there being too many things I want to finish/start, then I don’t get on with it, then I panic over more time lost. And trust me, anyone thinking “gorsake girl just write” – you try telling her/me. Never bloody listens.

Is anyone taking part in Nanowrimo? Or just writing anything in general for that matter?

That’s probably where I’m going to leave this. I normally come back and chew peoples ears off with all the nattering, but my nails are hurting. It’s true. I think I smack the keys a bit too aggressively and it makes my fingernails get all achey in the nailbed area and urgh this is making me cringe. I’m a bit afraid of fingernails, or well, them coming off. Arrrrrghhh.

Gonna save me nails and bid ye all g’night!


5 thoughts on “Argh!”

    1. Haha, yep England! It’s not for a couple of years so there will be a better look at it by then. Either way, it’s family and home so unless it gets really, really bad, I doubt we’ll not be coming back.

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  1. Uurrrggghh, Hi Arbie, I’m pleased your ‘migration’ is flying ok.. I’ve never been to England !! But I’m still writing, almost a poem every day ….. yep, my nails aren’t worn-out yet !!….. It’s been bloody cold down here in southern Victoria….. I’ll send you an “Eskimo” letter

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    1. Oooh, you’ve got the chills too?! I don’t really know the weather where we’re at just yet. We were told it was hot all year round by an AC guy but now not so sure about that! It’s definitely dropped and feeling a bit more like the weather I’m used to back home. If you ever do go to England I hope you make it to York. 🙂

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