Alll myyyy liiiiiffeeeee

I read my other post to my husband because I wanted to. I think that lack of sleep makes you more honest. There’s no real reason to much of anything other than because “I wanted to” is there? But I wanted to and I tried to see if he knew which the song was at the start of it and he thought it was this one:

Which was really quite funny because it was this one:

Which doesn’t even say all night long ahahaha


As you may be able to tell from the links I have decided the best way forward is a dance party.

Our cat Chidi just perfectly jumped up into the blanket that is draped over me and poked his head out. That is some sleep skill!

Wait? How are you having a dance party if you are under a blanket you probably didn’t ask? I never said it was a very energetic dance party and hey I’m head bobbing! I’m also doing that thing when you sing but you sing really quietly because hey, there are neighbours, and it’s like a weird guttural screech kind of whisper. And given that I’m listening to Don’t Stop Believin’ you betcha does this sound awful.

I’m writing this so soon after the last post, you know. It’s like I’ve decided to share my misery with all of you and hahaha, that’s what I always do. Nothing new there!

I have so little to actually talk about. I can’t even talk about dinosaurs because I forget their names. I did learn about the Sun a little bit though and how it is really trying to kill us.

I had no idea.

Or, actually, there is a high chance I have been told this before and I forgot. That happens an awful lot. Remember my last post where I spoke about how mental illness is a really good player at Risk? What? You didn’t read it? Oh man, you gotta. There’s a sentence in there that is gonna be famous one day.

But yes, all anxiety and no play makes brain a bad brain. Or something like that. This isn’t the phrase by the way, it was much better.

Enough about that though. See what I mean! Talking about myself when the Sun is attempting to slaughter us all with its… its… uh… Wikipedia come hither!

With its Solar flares!

Alright, better tell the truth here. I was actually too lazy to put my finger on the pad and type in Wikipedia so I asked my husband instead.

“What are those things the Sun does again?”

*gestures hands as though pushing something*

“Those pppppppggghhhhhhhh”

Husband squints a little. “What are you saying to me?”

“The things the Sun does!”

He then listed off some of the Sun’s weapons of choice and I chose solar flare because I think it was that one but I don’t want to bother him again because the lack of my brain ability right now is painful.

Yes! The Sun is pretty lethal, huh?  And the worst part. I feel complicit. Not because of global warming or anything like that. But because I’ve wanted to see the Aurora basically all my life. It’s like I’ve been cheering it on. Like cheering on a twelve-year-old with a Catherine Wheel or some other more aggressive type of firework.

If you know all this and right now you’re thinking I’m stupid for not remembering or knowing it then well know that knowledge is all relative and quite frankly I know how to make a damn cup of tea and let’s face it, which will be more important come the Sun apocalypse? Neither. Exactly! (but I bet a cuppa tea will be more welcome).

When did this song come on?

How has it only been an hour?

This is the Sun’s fault.


I know it’s a moon but it’s the best I could do dag nabbit!



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