Yeah, forgot what that was supposed to be about

I had a couple of topics in mind that I wanted to write about today. I even started writing one on my phone before falling asleep, but later decided it wasn’t what I wanted to post. It would seem, though, that the shower has worked against me! Normally, the shower is a place where the best ideas happen, often irritatingly as we have nowhere to write them down. I think this is because some god of water somewhere got annoyed at us turning their beautiful design into a plumbing system and so gifts us inspiration when we can do very little about it.

“Well, if you’d taken a notepad down to the river or the beach and admired my work, this wouldn’t be a problem now, would it?”

“Sorry water gods and goddesses.”

Anyway, so here I am left with nothing but a cat under my arm – this is now how I walk around/sit/do much of anything, except shower because I don’t have a death wish – and nothing much of anything in my head to write about. I’m determined to write at least daily, even if it is faff nonsense like this. But usually my nonsense has some kind of spring in its step but tonight’s there is very little. It’s springless nonsense. The sorry sort that’s trampled on before it even beings to poke its head out of the soil.

So, in the words of someone I can’t remember right now but I think it was once said on Carebears the Movie “If you can’t beat them, join them!”

Let’s enjoy nonsense faff! And I have been enjoying nonsense faff lately! Has anyone else been watching The Masked Singer? I was a big fan of Ken Jeong in Community (one of my all-time favourite shows) and so when I saw he was going to be on the panel for this show I wanted to watch it immediately. And you know, it’s on its third season now and I don’t think it’s half bad! I have a blast trying and always failing with guessing who could be beneath the mask. Last season, anyone that could sing a note I was convinced would be Kelly Rowland. This time round, as usual, I have no idea who anyone is but it doesn’t stop me announcing a celebrity name with quite some conviction after hearing them sing. I’m like Ken Jeong with my guesses, only worse because I’ve never got one right. And I’m desperate to know who the Kitty is! Well not desperate, I don’t rock myself to sleep at night and I haven’t gone all beautiful mind and tried to work out the equation of who she might be on the bedroom wall. I’d just like to know and I’m impatient!

Other than that, we have been watching a lot of Buzzfeed’s Unsolved. But! Only with Ryan and Shane. I don’t know what it is but neither of us enjoyed it with the other chap from the first episodes. We’re both into the supernatural and paranormal of things and I have always had an interest in true crime (not the gore, I don’t like it when people go into detail, just the mystery) so these short episodes have been fun to watch. The only issue is that it reminds me of how many truly terrible things can go on around us and so I’ve found myself not only locking the house doors at night, but the bedroom too haha! You never know when someone wants to put you in a box…

Another ghosty type thing we love is a podcast called Real Life Ghost Stories. The hosts are brilliant and as well as user submitted stories they speak about and research different well-known hauntings or urban legends. I’ve actually thought about submitting my own experiences with sleep paralysis. I’ve had a lot and they were pretty damn awful, and although I don’t believe I was haunted, I do find sleep paralysis interesting especially given the similarity in peoples experiences. It’s just odd. And I like odd. The only issue is, and I can’t for the life of my figure this out, but when I start writing down accounts of sleep paralysis that I remember, I become really wooden in my writing. There’s no life to it. It’s bland and boring and maybe that’s because I’m just relaying information but meh, it made me back off on wanting to submit anything. I don’t care about how ridiculous the experiences were because I’m no strong believer in the paranormal, but I do care about sounding like a damn robot!

Ah, this is a lot of faff writing. Maybe it’s because I haven’t eaten yet so my brain is jumbled and not firing too quickly. Or maybe I’m just feeling bored today so my writing comes across the same. I don’t know. I did have a pretty neat idea for a game today that I had fun talking to my husband about. We’re hoping to create a game together and we’re encouraging each other in our goals with our health, too. Hopefully, having each other’s back will also push us to strive for caring for ourselves more also, especially if we’re counting on each other for a projects progress. He’s interested in game design and has been for years, he’s just never really had the push he needed or wanted to truly get into it and his job made it difficult to do much else. I have to say, having seen him engage in it these past few days I’m really proud. Despite his current medical limitations he’s progressing fast and it’s just so good to see him interested in something again, even if it’s not all the time. Let’s see, hopefully we’ll have fun with creating something and we’ll both gain from it!

Hope this faff wasn’t too painful to read for anyone who did!

Arbie X


I just remember what this post was supposed to be about. Well ain’t that just great! Haha! Next time!

12 thoughts on “Yeah, forgot what that was supposed to be about”

    1. I did! Our cat Dodger needs his super cuddles daily. He usually wakes up on the ottoman, catches sight of me and chirrups and then comes and pushes himself right into me. If there is another cat already there, doesn’t matter, he’ll just sit right on them haha!


    1. Heyyy! Is this a new blog? I clicked something that I think is follow but got a bit confused haha! The ol’ noggin ain’t working at full speed just yet!


    1. Haha! I love those! I end up with a bunch of Word documents with absolute nonsense on them. If someone came into possession of my laptop some odd conspiracy theory would probably be born!

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      1. Haha probably something really obscure like actually about the possibility of aliens on Neptune and the likelihood that many of today’s popular artists belong not to a sex cult but a t-rex club (dinosaur or band up for debate!) Hehehe!

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