Hold on battery, we’re almost there

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t going to post anything today. It’s been a pretty rough day in terms of my mental illness. I’ve been a little bit all over the place to the point my husband was torn between making the call for me to go into professional care. But! It’s hours later and I’m doing a bit better, and I’m writing! Hello blank page that is no longer a blank page! So, yes, I wasn’t going to write. But something about it being a leap year made me want to. That, and the deal I made with myself to try and write something every day.

The trouble is, given what happened today, and my reluctance to write about it, I haven’t really done anything worth writing about and I’m not really in the best mood to try and make something out of nothing. I did have an idea last night for something I’d like to write. Something about a message in a bottle seeking someone to read it. It had me wondering how often things like that turn up and, I don’t know, even though a letter is not a living creature, it seems lonely out there in the waters waiting for someone to read its message. It almost seems like a little creature, the words written on it a small life waiting to be discovered. But, now isn’t the time to try and write that. It will come when it comes, I’m sure.

So, what has the good of today entailed? Well, my husband discovered he could make milkshake by mixing ice cream and milk together with a spatula, that turned out really well for me! We tried to watch TV but a lot of everything set something off in me until we watched a TV show about kittens. They were super cute, but it was also super creepy because we watched it with our cats and our cats were really, really watching this TV show. At first it seemed cute. “Oh, look how curious they are about kittens!” Then when Chidi leapt from his seat in the window and rushed over to smack the screen… not so cute! No more cats then! Not that we were planning on getting anymore pets of any kind. Although around Christmas the neighbours came to the door with a kitten and asked us if it was ours and, if not, if we wanted it. It wasn’t ours, it was just found in the garden, something that can supposedly happen at times. Not good. Instinct to take in all creatures Snow White singing to birds strong. Oh! I also saw a slug a couple of days ago. I think it’s the first slug that I’ve seen here. No snails though, which is sad. I prefer snails. They’re better handymen, being that they made a house and weren’t just lazy about things like their slug cousins. No, I have no idea if they are actually cousins. This is a long paragraph.

Tomorrow I’m hoping for a better day.

I haven’t read anything book-like in some time. I’ve mostly been reading on Webtoon when I have been reading and, although there’s nothing wrong with that, I wanted to read something off my phone. It’s not relaxing staring at a bright screen and given sleeping is difficult for me it isn’t exactly smart to be staring at one right before bed either. My husband has similar issues and so we went book shopping together a couple of days ago. It was actually really nice. The store was quiet, but not that, oh no I’m the only customer attention will be on me, kind of quiet. Just quiet enough to be able to browse without many people being around. I picked a book called Nod. It seemed quite fitting with how sleep has been lately. I can’t say point blank what it is about just yet because I’ve only just started reading it, but it’s summarised on the back as being about something causing people to be unable to sleep and during that time a madness coming over them, whereas some can sleep. Or something. I can’t really explain it right now. My husband, on the other hand, went with one of my all-time favourite books, Assassin’s Apprentice.

It’s weird because I actually felt nervous about him picking the book. He knew it was one of my favourites and so it was sweet that he chose it, but I was torn between panicking he felt pressured to and also that maybe it won’t be as good as I remembered. And then I felt terrible, awful, the worst for ever thinking such a thing about that world! Okay, not that far, but one must never doubt the Farseer trilogy. I hope he enjoys it, he hasn’t started reading it yet. Maybe tonight.

Speaking of tonight, this will be where I end this. I’m glad I wrote this but regretting even mentioning not having a good health day today. Sod it. My laptop battery is about to die and I can’t be bothered to edit this.

I hope you are all well and that you’re reading an interesting story of some kind this weekend!

Arbie X

7 thoughts on “Hold on battery, we’re almost there”

    1. Thank you! Today is pretty miserable outside, but I like the rain! It’s really calming, so I feel alright so far. Hope you’re doing okay, too! 🙂


      1. Thank you. I will have the house to myself Saturday and will be gardening in the morning but in the afternoon I will have my usual skype call with my blog buddy Dominique from 3CStyle. Hope you continue to heal also Arbie! 🙂

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      2. Ooooh she’s so lovely! I’ve not been on Instagram in a while but I always loved the collab you all do together! I hope Saturday is a beautiful day for you! Not sure what the weather is like back home in England. I think last I heard it was flooding! Hope it’s improved a bit. 🌞

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      3. She is lovely and such a good friend, as is Lisa who sometimes joins the calls too. Been sunny but cold this week but back to rain for the weekend. Gives me a reason to stay in bed!

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