games, games, games!

It’s nothing new that whenever I start feeling mentally healthier, and in turn physically, I start throwing myself back into old hobbies. I must admit, that I struggle a little bit in some regards with this, but that’s issues I don’t want to get into for this post. This post is going to be about games! Video games, to be exact.

Now, we’ve not had our desktops set up since we moved (hard to do for me given mine is still in England) and we’ve only just set up the Xbox. We did have the Switch set up but stopped playing it a few months ago. The thing with games, for me at least, is I tend to treat them like another form of media to get some good stories from. My favourite games are usually ones that have brilliant writing and a story I loved, Life is Strange and Bioshock are small examples. That being said, I love a good MMO, I met my husband on an MMO – Neverwinter, and, I can have a blast playing a shooter. Although, I never really gave Overwatch a chance despite thinking Reaper and Widowmaker are amazing characters.

Just an off thought here, I’m having such a hard time typing because I have plasters all over my fingers! And I don’t know how I’m doing it but whenever I try to move the cursor it keeps highlighting paragraphs and taunting me that it might delete them. Argh, no!

Also, I just read the first couple of paragraphs over and that is some bad writing, please excuse the jumble that this post is.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing this post is because I’m feeling pretty excited at the thought of finding some new games to play or finally starting to get through my Steam library that I’ve barely touched. It’s weird, I know. I lot of people when depressed turn to media as an escape, I pretty much just wanted to escape everything and so I’m living a few years in the past. I’ve still never seen Game of Thrones, although I did see the first episode upon it airing and I have played the Telltale game.

During this gaming blackout, however, my husband did get me interested in a mobile game. Around eight months ago maybe? It was something he started playing and then asked me to join him on. It’s called Grand Summoners and is a pixel RPG gacha game. It’s pretty damn brilliant and I’ve had a lot of fun on it. Kind of a slap in the face to me as well given the disdain I used to have for mobile games. They’ve come a long way now though and to be fair someone else’s idea of a fun game doesn’t have to be mine for it to be neat.

Grand Summoners and best boy Berwick

Anyway, Grand Summoners soon led to me trying to find more mobile games to zone out on and although I haven’t found anything that was quite as fun, Tales of Erin is close. The sad thing about Tales of Erin is that it has a dying community and as such lacks content. I can deal with no chat rooms etc in a mobile game and actually prefer Grand Summoners to a lot of games because one of the only times to be able to chat is in lobbies, and it’s a function that can be enabled or disabled. I hate trash talk in games and I hate obvious grabs for attention so being able to be rid of both is awesome. It leaves room and lobbies for people who are just interested in playing the game. I do however like to see new content coming out pretty frequently to keep the game fresh. It’s a real shame with Tales of Erin because although I could do without some of the art style (it’s creepy) I love the combat. Admittedly the combat screen is the only reason I play that game. Needs more reason to combat!

Tales of Erin

If this blog post seems really odd and all over the place, well, I just want to write something today and I’ve got games on my mind so this is it!

It seems pointless to talk about Pokemon Go, because I mean, it’s Pokemon Go and it was super fun to play when I had data that allowed me to play it, here I don’t! Not yet, anyway. My husband and I actually had a lot of fun when he came to visit me in England and we went exploring at night in a park looking for pokemon, and on a frosty November morning with some hot chocolate. Ah, I love games that can create memories. Those are the best. Actually, just a side note here. I created a blog some time ago to write game reviews and I’m probably going to start that up in the future. My plan is not to start posting until I have quite a few posts in the bank though, I also want to be sure of how I want to structure them. I used to write about my thoughts on games some, christ… uhm, seven or eight years ago maybe? I’d have to go back and check. A long time ago, but it was mostly rambles as is my style.

Just like this.


What am I talking about? Oh, yeah. Grand Summoners and Tales of Erin good fun! Shin Megami Tensei Dx2 (or whatever it is called) might be very fun if I give it a chance. It also had Bayonetta as a summonable demon within a week of me installing. Woohoo! Other than that, Soul Land – huge money grab, but my husband loves the stories and so I downloaded it to play with him. I like it, I just don’t love it.

SteveGoat is my favourite Soul Land buddy

I also gave Epic Seven a try but later uninstalled it even though I thought the visual novel aspect was really neat as were a lot of other parts of the game. I did forget how to get to some kind of campfire though. I think Epic Seven might be a game I give another trial when I can get more into a game that requires my attention. Speaking of games that don’t require my attention! I’ve currently got AFK Arena installed and I really like the art. Something about the art and the music is really quite soothing! Oh! I also tried Yokai Trainer but I think it tried to get me to marry someone or something and so I noped out of that.

AFK Arena with an interesting speech bubble…

What games am I looking forward to playing?

I have no idea! Honestly, while browsing in a store I felt a little defeated given there were just so many sequels of the big AAA games. My husband wants a game we can play together, but I’m not sure what co-op games are good right now. The last we were playing was on the switch and I’ve forgotten the name. It was a bit like Magicka 2 but without the humour. He’s currently browsing through the Xbox looking for something to play, it’s what prompted this post. So far, there is a hell of a lot of DLC but not a huge amount of anything that looks fun. Oh no. I was excited and now I feel a bit blah. Although, that being said, he did say Deadly Premonition 2 might be out. Oh lord, Deadly Premonition was my kind of game. It was all up in Twin Peaks style but also completely unique. So good. I played what was supposed to be the sequel some time ago, or at least the first instalment of it, but I wasn’t as into it. If I’m correct, that’s been left behind and Swery went in a new direction.

I’m going to stop this here because it really is a long ramble but not really about anything and my husband just paid for the first month of something called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and that little shimmer of excitement that I started this post with has sparked again because ah so many games. I just really want me a game like Heavy Rain but that isn’t Heavy Rain but also an awesome co-op.

Sorry about this post. It’s lame.

Hope Sunday is fun for you! If you’re playing a game, what is it? If you are a serial killer, that question is not for you! No! Get outta here! Okay, watched too much Buzzfeed Unsolved.

Arbie X


2 thoughts on “games, games, games!”

  1. Have you tried Another Eden? It’s literally one of my favourite mobile games of all time.

    It has a genuinely amazing story, no energy system to cap your progress, and well-written characters.

    Arguably, its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. It’s a free-to-play gacha, which lowers the barrier of entry but also makes it harder for players to gain access to the entirety of the story.

    It’s still a very fun ride with tons of characters and content, and the best part is that all story content is permanent so there’s no fear of missing out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hadn’t tried Another Eden but I installed it earlier this afternoon and played on it for a while. So far I really like it. I like the art, and I’m tired so I can’t think of what to call it right now, but to put it simply, I like feel of the world and how the characters move haha. I haven’t got too far but I’m hoping to continue enjoying it! Thanks for the recommendation!


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