We could all do with more Kind Words


Off the back of yesterday’s post where I rambled about games, today I’m going to write about a game called Kind Words. It’s a bit of a weird one to call a game given you don’t really play anything and it’s more a messaging system, but I discovered it in Humble Bundle games and it’s on Steam so I guess we’ll go with that!

If you don’t know Kind Words, I’ll explain what it is here. If you do know and just want to know what I think of it, come on down a paragraph of two below!


Basically, Kind Words acts as an anonymous message system where you post your concerns or thoughts in seven lines and people will respond, also anonymous. It’s not a one-way street though, as the game also encourages you to post in response to people’s worries (but you don’t have to), and even if you don’t have advice a few kind words can go far.


You can also send little notes on paper airplanes which then float across the screen of your very serenely lit room all while some really relaxing music plays.


You even have your own personal deer post delivery service, who apart from being evidentially demonic, is really pretty sweet.



Although this isn’t something you can spend hours on, I actually love Kind Words because when I was feeling really lonely and down, but didn’t have the energy or ability to try and form a friendship, the small anonymous contact was just what I needed. I sent out my little worries into the world and very soon heard back from people who either were or had been in similar situations.

For me, being able to socialize at my own pace was really very beneficial, and in part I credit it to my return to writing. Of course, other things were bigger players, but being able to reach out for help and receive it, all while keeping on my mask and not needing to engage in a constant conversation, credit needs to go where credit is due!


It’s odd how sometimes strangers are who we need to hear us and who we need to hear from. Although, maybe not too strange. We do after all seek help from strangers when it comes to medical reasons and will spend money and hours discussing our problems with people who we may have otherwise never passed in the street, and for whatever reason, it’s just easier. I suppose when we speak with strangers, we remove ourselves from the situation and give it room to breathe.

So yeah! This isn’t a review of Kind Words, it’s just a little nod that it’s out there for anyone who is looking.

I hope you’ve all heard and passed on some kind words today! Lordy knows we need them!


Arbie X

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