At the opera house in front of my kitchen sink

I’m writing this pretty late. It’s almost my new bedtime and I’m pretty set on sticking to it. That’s pretty cool for me. I mean I’ve been a night owl since I was younger and I’ve gone a few days now with not only sleeping early, but actually sleeping. It’s amazing! Vuhuu for sleep. If you don’t value it, you should. It’s like a love in your life, you don’t know what you had until it’s gone. Anyway, it’s here at the moment, so let’s get this show on the road so I can head to bed.

Today I got back to mowing the lawn and after doing so found some interesting creatures. Okay, they’re not creatures but they sure as hell looked like tiny alien type things. I’m attaching pictures so you can see what we found. I know to someone who is used to gardening, or just knows a bit about this and that, what we found won’t be too exciting. But, to two people who haven’t done a lot of gardening in their lives this was an exciting find! So much so that we thought it could have been all sorts of things from snake eggs to alien lifeforms to toxic fungus! In the end, it’s stinkhorn haha! Well, that’s what the internet says. Although, if you, being an internet resident believes it to be otherwise and knows that the mothership is now coming for us, please say! Ah, at least we caught them before they could start giving off a foul odour! Just some mild panic from us instead!

Here are some pictures. We picked them up after realizing they weren’t snakey. Not gonna hurt my Slytherin buddies.

On the topic of panic, we also found a hole in the ground with a web inside it. We’re not sure what spider lives in there just yet, but it is pretty far from the house so for the moment we’re leaving it alone. It could be a wolf spider house and the internet says they are good creatures to have in the garden anyway. We’re just not sure yet. I’ll try and get a picture when I continue in the garden tomorrow. It just comes at a funny time because a fellow blogger, Amy, only recently told me about the Australian funnel web, so the first thing I said to my husband was “funnel web! Aaargh!” although, we’re pretty sure it isn’t, at least, not an Australian one!

After such an eventful garden time I relaxed, but not really because I’m overly competitive, by playing Jump Force. Admittedly, I’m not really a fan of any of the anime characters in it and I absolutely can’t stand Dragon Ball Z. I can’t say why, because I don’t know, I just can’t stand it. I’m actually listening to Goku’s ridiculous voice right now while my husband is playing and it’s like listening to nails be dragged down a chalk board. I wonder if we gradually switched to electronic boards because of people doing that, not because of how much easier it made learning. Yep, maybe, let’s blame Goku. Not sure what we’re blaming him for but something. He deserves it. Headlice, let’s blame those on him.

Let’s talk about a nicer voice.

Lately, I’ve been singing a lot of songs from Oliver Twist. I’m not talking about my voice being nice by the way, it’s awful. But, after trying to remember the words to I’d Do Anything For you I ended up looking it up today and that led me down a delightful rabbit hole where I found this wonderful video that I’d like to share with you.

Now back to the main show! I’ve found that one place where I like to sing, the shower being an obvious one but honestly not a place I sing too much because water and shampoo gets in my mouth, but one place I really like to sing is when washing up the dishes. It’s where I get to pretend I’m in an opera or a musical and I get to sing any of my favourites with the sound of the running water splashing out the sounds of my screeching versions of Nessun Dorma (nothing like singing VINCERO! When scrubbing a pan) or On My Own. I’ll add the videos here because these beauties deserve to be shared! I hope to one day see Turandot and Les Miserable but at the moment I have a difficult time going to the theatre. My social anxiety means I need an exit pretty easy and I hate, hate leaving shows and getting in peoples way and worrying someone on stage might see and think I’m rude and ugh. Yes. I doubt someone in a performance as big as one of those would notice, but still, worries! My husband wanted to take me to see Cats for my birthday but we didn’t go for that reason. I’m sure I’ll figure it out and it’ll be all the better and sweeter to see these shows when I finally can!

Here is one of the best sink singalong songs. You can even sing a long without a sink! I’m doing it right now while writing this! I love him! but when the night is overrrr *dramatically throws hand to the side*  he is gone! The rivers just a riiverrrrrrr!

So here is my brief post but hey it’s a post even though I really didn’t want to write today. I hope you all enjoy singing your hearts out to songs and I’d love to know if you have any favourites to sing while cleaning etc! Do you become an opera singer too?!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful day!




Arbie X

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