Weather watching

The weather here is an entirely different animal to the weather I’m used to. I’m not sure if I’ve spoken about where I am now, but when we were told soon after moving here that the great thing about the place is that if you don’t like the weather it’ll be different within half an hour, they were absolutely telling the truth.

Today isn’t much different, at once torrential rain and then beaming sunlight and then possible floods and now a tornado watch and no longer a tornado watch but here’s the flooding rain again, it really doesn’t get boring.

After what has happened in Nashville, I’m not going to talk too much about how I feel about being under a tornado watch. It would feel small and petty. I’ve never experienced anything like those of Nashville have and I really feel for them. It did make those watches feel all the more real for what they can turn into and I’m worried that should a tornado warning ever rear its head that for one I’d have no idea what I was looking for, and two, I wouldn’t know what to do (despite obsessively reading about them) with how little experience I have with them. I can just hope that it will only remain a watch.

During today’s wonderful weather something rather exciting happened that I’ll be posting about at a later date when I can get some pictures up, for now because I want to keep writing, I’m going to talk about something I like to do and I’m sure I can’t be alone in this! It’s more boring than the pictures, I promise you that, but even though I wrote earlier (vuhuu!) I want to continue my routine of posting online. It’s a weird one, and I do feel a little guilty for flooding people’s feed even though I know they have the choice whether or not to read this, but I do feel like posting online helps with social anxiety. I understand some people feel more at ease online, but for me that real life anxiety translates to online also. So, I suppose these little (okay, often overly long) posts are therapeutic.

Anyway, rain and movies! This is the point I was working towards. I always go the long route. Earlier today when we saw that the rain was pouring it put me in a really good mood and along with that mood came excitement over the prospect of watching a film or playing a game to match the atmosphere outside. This is something I absolutely love to do. If it’s storming, you bet I’m going to want to take advantage of that with a horror film or game! Unfortunately, despite finding what I think would be the perfect game to play while there was a storm outside (Before the Storm) we got distracted and then majorly distracted (you’ll see why when I get the pictures on here) and so I didn’t get the chance to take advantage of the thunder. Next time though!

Oddly, one of my fondest summer memories is in line with that way of thinking, or doing, I suppose. It was years ago now, but it was back when I was playing World of Warcraft. I know it seems weird to have a wonderful memory of being indoors on a computer while it was a beautiful sunny day, but that’s where I was! It was a mix of the fantasy world in front of me and the sounds and smells of the outdoors all around me. Like some kind of augmented reality mix up! I love the real world, I do, but I also love fantasy worlds (blame my folks for all the castles we ventured to when I was a kid! Okay, don’t blame them, it was amazing!) and so perhaps that is why that memory is so perfect to me. For the record, and anyone who played WoW, I was in a Molten Core raid.

I think over the next few days we have more storms planned. I’d like to write something while it’s stormy outside, not something depressing, but something magical maybe. We’ll see. In terms of films and rain and games though, I hope to play After the Storm while it’s still light and then by the time darkness comes I’d like to give Blair Witch a try. I wasn’t a huge fan of the film, although I do appreciate what it did for the genre and love that it tried to masquerade as real during advertising. I think I’m correct in saying that…

Anyway, I really must stop writing these so late. I’m super sleepy and I’m writing like I’d be talking – all a jumble with no real end goal. Well, let’s move on to the end goal!

As always, I hope you’ve had a wonderful day and if you added a bit more brilliance to that day by merging another world with your own I hope it was even better!

Arbie X

6 thoughts on “Weather watching”

    1. That sounds like heaven! We have a little porch area but it doesn’t seem to offer much respite from the rain and floods haha! What’s a bit of rain though to a swamp?! From our storm to yours, cheers!

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  1. Arbie! I haven’t been reading much on here for a while, and it’s nice to see you are still posting. I think I can tell by your descriptions where it is that you moved to. Cheers!

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    1. Hey Lee! Long time no talk! Yeah I just started posting and catching up on blogs again too, I’ll be sure to drop by your writing soon! I’m in Georgia for a little while! 🐍


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