Just like in that game I really like

I’m sitting somewhere different today. The past few posts I wrote while sitting on the lovingly named “devil couch”. We didn’t name it this, but it is what we saw our couch called in a review and it is seriously fitting so it’s what we also call it, or shout at it when it won’t free us. Anyway, this evening I’ve stolen the cats chair in front of the window, balanced my laptop on a nightstand we’re using in the living room (also known as the big room or the green room or that room through there) and I’m taking in the orange glow that is the brilliant sunset here.

The warm colours that give everything this beautiful appearance of being dipped in gold, I have to admit, it gives me happy sighs. Those kinds of sighs where all feels right. For some reason, it’s one of my favourite things to see in video games, and one reason I love Life is Strange so much. And here it is, right outside my window! In England, the sunset had a brightness to it, beautiful, but not as orange. In Hawai’i it was just plain showing off but the colours ranged from purples to oranges and yellows and blues. Here, it’s all amber and gold and orange. I’m not doing it justice. I don’t have the chops for descriptive writing at the moment. So, just trust me that it’s real pretty, okay?! I’ll take photos! For now, here are some photos of the sunset at Yokohama Bay in Hawai’i, the beach where we got engaged.





I’ve not felt too well today. Not so much mentally, other than my thoughts being a bit muddled (will probably show here), that’s been pretty in check and my husband and I are both trying lots of new things to try and feel healthier on are own as well as while in help. We’re even looking at knitting! We can make little jumpers for all the cats and one for my ferret that just says BOSS. Haha, because she is, like ferrets always are!

Dooks is not here yet and I really miss her. I know she’s having a brilliant time with my parents and she’s basically decided my dad is her new human, but I miss her. I’m not sure at this point if we’ll be bringing her out to the US. I can’t find a flight that would allow a ferret in the cabin (unless I drive her to Greece first…), and I know that sounds mad to some people but I always sit at the back anyway. I just wouldn’t put her in the hold.


Our cats flew without issue (and with United Petsafe) but ferrets are much smaller and she would be on her own. We’re looking at moving back to England in a year and a half so it might be best for her to wait there for us rather than dragging her back and forth. I don’t know. It’s a difficult one to talk about, or write about, I guess. Whatever we do, it has to be right by her. She’s so precious, and although I know why we chose for me to immigrate here, I do end up awake at night missing her. Of course, I miss my family too! But I can chat to them on the phone. Dooks hasn’t quite figured that out yet, other than trying to stash and hoard it, in true ferret fashion.

I’ve dawdled a lot while writing this and now that orange sky is the only light, everything else is just a shadow of itself. And not in an aaaah the trees are so depressed kind of way, they’re just like silhouettes, is all. There’s actually very little light here at night. There are a couple of street lights but during a meteor shower that happened a while back we were able to see a couple of shooting stars (it was very exciting and we even kissed all soppy and the like) which was really something. On most nights though it’s calming just to be able to see all the stars in the sky, or a lot of them anyway.

Right, it’s getting late and Fen is starting his evening mawrrrurrrrr so I guess it’s time to wave a marshmawow. If this makes no sense then off with ya! Off me lawn! Off to the previous post! I’m just joking! One of my cats is a psycho that beats me if I don’t play with his favourite toy at the required hour, that’s all.

I also want to get some time in playing Before the Storm with my husband. We started it last night and it’s really something being able to play the role of an angsty teenager who gives the middle finger to authority. Max (from the first game) was a lot more like me. I’m rule follower and don’t like getting on the wrong side of authority, now, anyway. I’m still laughed at by my eldest brother for the time I told him not to put more fuel on the BBQ because we’d get in trouble. With who? No idea. The garden police that lurk in the hedges and measure the correct amount of fuel for a BBQ, I suppose.

They’re real. Honest.

Anyway, I’m happy because I did some writing earlier than usual and I got to sit in a different seat with a lovely sunset. It was worth all the dirty looks I got from the cats for stealing their prime spot. Not so sure it was worth having two of them fall on my back as they scrambled to try and perch on the back of the chair. Yeah, it was worth it.

Hope Friday is treating you well! Be sure to do something that makes you feel good this weekend!

Arbie X

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