aaaah man i had a good title for this one

I know that I recently said I wanted to start writing earlier, or did I think it? I’m not sure. Anyway, I did intend to, only the clocks cheated me! They decided to be like those punks who come last place through the entire final lap of Mario Kart and then blue shell you at the end. Yeah, that’s what the clocks went and did today.

Soooo happy an hour forward day! Did you wake up confused and wondering why you felt so tired? Or were you a responsible adult and already knew it was coming? I wish I were! I think I’m more of an hour back kinda girl. I don’t like all this clockery business but if we’re going to move anywhere I like gaining an hour rather than losing one. Although, now I’m writing this I’m confused and can’t work out which way is actually the right way. I bet Lewis Carrol was a big fan of all this back and forth malarkey.

Anyway, today kind of sucked! I was unbelievably anxious through most of it and couldn’t stop twitching like a rabbit on speed (don’t put rabbits on speed) or my heart racing. Every bad memory possible decided to come up and tell me I did the wrong thing, I let this animal down or this person down, I should have stuck up for others more, or myself. It was just a shit day until a couple of hours ago and I can’t think of any damn reason for it which made it all the suckier.

I did take care of myself through it though, and my husband was sweet too. I think education is so important for mental health, knowing what is going on and why is half the battle. Even if that “why” is just, brain chemicals be bad today don’t listen to the bad voices – and this for me is one way I try to tackle BDD when I can get a hold of it in it’s beginning stages. I tell myself my brain is drunk and doesn’t know what it’s talking about. Stoopid brain.

I know it’s more complicated than that but if simple works in some situations than why not use it? I think it prevented me from going into a bad state today. Things could have been worse so you know what, rather than looking at today as being rubbish, let’s see it as a bit of a success! Things could have been worse and now I’m through the brunt of it. Vuhuu!

Let’s have some music because this is going to be a short post today. Tomorrow I’m going to share something pretty neat with you though so do stop by at least for a gander at the pictures! If you have time, that is! Although, come to think of it, you’ll see the pictures in the reader so no need to read haha!

What song shall we have for this time confused Sunday in March…

Ahhh I know. This is a song that my husband sent to me before we met in person and we still love it a lot. We’re singing along to it right now! Sing along too! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Gonna dance outta this blog post!


P.S Happy International Women’s Day my rockin ladies and fellas that support us!


Arbie X

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