Yiiippeeeee kiiiyaaayyyy

Soooo I just got back from shopping and I think that whereas I thought I was walking into a grocery store I actually somehow took the wrong left and found myself in hell.

I’d seen some of you blogging about what was going on, Tony over on his blog had posted a picture of some toilet roll saying how there’s some left, but I had no idea how bad it was going to be. I have to admit, I might say some unpopular things from here on out, but who cares, really?

It was interesting to me the amount of people who were walking around but not really buying anything. I’d read recently the psychology of shopping when people feel under threat and how it can be as much as a control action or a “we think” mentality of shopping because everyone else is. I think this might have been why some people were out there, even with friends, strolling around grabbing things but not really knowing if they were needed. It was an attempt to feel better, to feel prepared even though not really knowing how to prepare or what to prepare for. Also, for the record, before people thing I’m trying to be holier than thou in this post, I’m not. I’m as guilty as the we think must-control-deadly-virus-scientists-can’t-cure-through-ritz-crackers as the next person. Well, nearly, maybe.

Another thing, is how selfish people become. I’m sorry, and who knows, maybe I’ll eat my words? If we somehow end up housebound for a month and all the stores everywhere close… But when we were pulling into the car park and I saw people loading 4 or 5 family packs of toilet roll into their cars, well, I hope they are buying for a large family or for family members who can’t shop at that moment, otherwise it’s just thoughtless of others. We already have some in, so finding only a couple of small packs wasn’t a big deal to us and we were sure not to be greedy about it. But, my husband saw people taking from areas for babies. Again, if they have babies, fair enough, if they’re absolutely desperate because people have panic bought everything else, fair enough. But, if it’s just panic buying… people need to get a damn hold of themselves.

Next up, is this panic buying in the first place. COVID-19 is serious and as such we need to take it seriously, but a not so smart thing to do is probably go shopping around hundreds of other people for things that we don’t need. Just to defend myself and my husband, we were way behind on household goods shopping so were doing out fortnightly shop anyway, but the last time I saw the place as busy as it was today was probably close to Christmas. And, we were lucky, because on our way back there was a line to the store stretched way down the road.

I couldn’t help but notice what a lot of people were buying also, or more to the point, not buying. This is a virus, we need to keep our immune systems up to help us should we contract it. Many people weren’t buying fruits or vegetables though, and yes of course we’re going to need non-perishables in this zombie apocalypse but if we want to avoid it in the first place then looking after our health is a good place to start. So, let’s not just buy toilet paper and hand sanitizer but fruits, veg, and all that other stuff we’re constantly being told to eat more of. Maybe they all already had it at home? Let’s hope that’s another eat words comment.

Another odd thing I observed, was that people would wipe off the cart handle upon entering the store with the available sanitary wipes, but upon leaving I don’t think I saw anyone wipe the cart off again for the next person or wipe their hands after touching so many things in the store that would have been touched by many different people. I’m not as frightened of this virus as a lot of people seem to be, not because I think I’m all ‘ard and what not and will just headbutt it if it comes for me, but because I don’t socialize a lot anyway so although I’ll take precautions for myself and others, I know I’m at less risk – although we are at a clinic near every week so it would have been nice to have got hold of some hand sanitizer or wipes or anything… but no, I’m sure they were all bought in bulk by people who don’t need them because gotta get them stocks in. Anyway, I’m more concerned for my parents who are in and out of hospitals at the moment but also older. I hope that many of these people panic buying are making sure their older or more at risk loved ones are aware of what they can do to keep themselves safer. Most of which includes properly washing hands and being sensible with where they go – not panic shopping with hundreds of other panicked shoppers.

I guess what I’m saying in this post is sure be thoughtful, but maybe be thoughtful of others too. I know none of you need to read this, this is just a rant or a ramble because I’m not really annoyed about any of it. Pretty impressed hell was that easy to get out of, actually. It’s just we are not alone in this and I think it’s a shame that rather than times like this pulling us together it can show us for the selfish creatures we can be. I mean, don’t get me wrong, if the zombies do hit I’m coming for all your loo roll with my katanas and, I don’t know, water pistols. But, until then, I hope I keep my head on and remember that we live in a society, not on an isolated rock. Funny it should be a misanthropist saying all of this.

Oh! Fun thing! I finished reading Nod, the book about insomniacs never sleeping and going crazy, to sum it up simply. In the book cults formed quickly, and interestingly I saw someone review it saying something along the lines of that not making sense – as though humanity wouldn’t succumb to madness like that. Well, we’re not far into the COVID-19 virus panic and I’ve already seen some very interesting comments regarding the ultra-religious (extremists? Take things a bit too far type folk) – mostly regarding how it’s sad we’re all going to die but if only we’d all turn towards the right god for salvation, and feeling sorry for those that have died in Iran because they’re supposedly going to hell… Weird, weird stuff. How about we be very Christian and do as the ninth commandment bade us: covet not thy neighbours toilet roll.

Okay, I’m losing the plot a bit because ironically I finished a book about insomnia leading to madness while unable to sleep at 3am and then barely slept after that.

Anyway, because despite my above ramble I do take this seriously, if you haven’t already then be sure to at least have a quick look over here: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public

If you can’t be bothered to look over there then: wash yo damn hands; be sure to keep sneezers at least one pitch forks distance from yourself; need to sneeze or cough? Cover your mouth with a tissue for lordy’s sake! where are your manners we were taught this before primary school; and lastly, feeling really unwell? Get on the phone and let a medical professional know your symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing? You better be dialling!), finally, told you have COVID-19 and to stay home? Stay hoooooooooommmeeeeee – re-enact home alone, pamper yourself and get through those whatever you’ve been meaning to get through, eat well, sleep well!

Anyway, we’ve got this as long as we’re smart and care about each other as much as we care about ourselves. Right? RIGHT?! *sharpens pitch fork* Right.

Hope you’re all well and that none of you come even close to this horrible virus. Stay safe, my friends.

Arbie X

4 thoughts on “Yiiippeeeee kiiiyaaayyyy”

  1. Yeah… for your forthright article… and “Shame” to those selfish panic buyers, have no regard for the elderly and disabled who are not capable of bulk buying…… obviously the panic buyers aren’t offering to help out those disadvantaged people…. “More Shame”, i hope rats get into their storerooms… Whoops, I’m feeling sorry for the rats !!…here’s my poem for today…> https://ivors20.wordpress.com/2020/03/14/airborne-distrust/

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    1. Poem is brilliant! Thanks for sharing here. 😄 Sometimes I feel reader misses posts or they get lost in some invisible archive only for me to find a month later haha.
      And you’re right about the elderly and disabled. I also read how panic buying is only for those who can afford it and it leaves people in more financially difficult situations harder off. I hope this stabilizes soon and that the loss of life is minimal compared to some estimates. It means us all doing our bit. I’d say I was in shock to read people with diagnosed cases still went to parties and on planes, but I’m not. Just some people for you, I guess!


  2. Like bad drivers, these people are a mystery. Not one of my friends or even patients admits to being one. And to make matters worse the copycat syndrome is kicking in …. I met a guy the other day who said he was going bulk TP buying as he didn’t need it but had the fear of missing out! Yikes! People should be ashamed of themselves – but not you Arbie, coz you have and always will write in a very entertaining way ! Yay!

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    1. Yes! My dad told me about a woman being interviewed on the news back home (in the UK) and she had no idea why she was in the supermarket but her friend told her she better go so she did! Made me laugh that she’d been told to stock up on tea bags hahaha. Good ol’ brits. Gotta get that liquid gold hoarded! Haha! Then again I think I’d riot without my morning cuppa! 🍵😍


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