Offer an extra thanks to the check-out lads and ladies

I already had some stuff lined up for today’s post but instead I’m going to write something I think is a little more important. I’m sorry to all those sick of hearing about the coronavirus, because it’s going to be about that.

I’m aware a lot of people don’t read my posts, so I’ve made my title real simple in hope it will prompt people to do just that: thank the people who are still working in grocery stores for us. Thank those in retail, thank those in utterly thankless jobs 365 days of the year but who at the moment are as in the midst of the panic as doctors and nurses are. And, sure, we should be thanking those in retail anyway because manners are important, but an extra thanks of acknowledgement is what I’m talking about. It doesn’t have to be in words if that’s difficult for my fellow socially anxious out there, but at least a smile can brighten someone’s day.

No, I’m not delusional. But amongst the medical heroes keeping us safe while at risk of infection, there are others who are keeping us safe with food and water. We are more likely to thank a doctor or a nurse who cares for us, but not so quick to thank a check out person for coming to work that day. Many don’t have a choice but to be there, but that doesn’t make what they are doing any less important.

On the topic of shopping, can I please just say again, I am watching this and I am amazed. We drove past Walmart today on our way to a necessary appointment at the clinic and again the car park was packed full. There is no point panicking about catching a highly contagious virus when people keep putting themselves in its path.

Obviously COVID-19 is a dangerous and deadly virus, but at this point we may as well be the virus ourselves at the rate in which we have created a circus of panic, for the extent to which we are causing distress to each other. There is no need to be leading our lives as markedly mentally different as many people are. We do not need to shop for an apocalypse because this is not an apocalypse. This is serious, and should you be in the vulnerable group, I understand your worry, especially in an era when the media wants nothing more than a frenzy. But we are not piranhas and we shouldn’t snap at every sensational headline that they throw at us.

Keep reading, watching and listening to the news, but step away once you have the information you need. When I was in Hawai’i and Hurricane Lane was coming, there were headlines such as how we had no where to run. It didn’t help. These are writers doing what we as writers do, we want titles and headlines and first lines that pack a punch, but that punch is there to sell and not to comfort. And what does causing a panic shopping society create? More headlines.

Let’s bring this topic back to shopping, but turn our attention to our furry, slimy and scaly companions. We have supplies in for the moment because we have an ongoing subscription with, who in our experience, have been brilliant. I believe they still have stocks in – although backlogged with the panic buying – as we received our monthly email informing us they are preparing our order. If your local store doesn’t have stock in, and you are in need, perhaps give them a try.

So, remember to shop for your pets, but do not hoard or another’s pet will go hungry. Remember to shop for food for your family, but do not hoard or another person will go hungry. In this time, what we need from each other is compassion for those who are anxious about this, responsibility upon ourselves to keep at a reasonable distance (especially from those most vulnerable) and to keep our hands clean, but more than anything we need a light at the end of this tunnel. We can’t look elsewhere for this, and we can’t see it when the path is blocked by a mountain of toilet paper and hand sanitizer full carts.

Here’s to hoping life is as good as it was before for you, or hey, even better, if just a little more cautious.

Arbie X

Note: I have one more post about this stuff and then we will be back to rambling as scheduled. I was sat in a boiling car for two hours today while waiting outside for my husband… half an hour he said… two hours later it was… ahahah. Upside is I got some writing time in. I’ll post in a couple of days!

8 thoughts on “Offer an extra thanks to the check-out lads and ladies”

  1. Yes. I know. No one praises them. Or thinks of them, enough. There are the medical heroes, but what about all the other heroes who are less well paid, who work in grocery stores, pharmacies, and other places, who I tell I am 63, and would they mind shopping for me, and bringing my purchases to the trunk of my car, without me getting out of the car, where they will find payment (and a huge whopping tip which they don’t know about until they get it, and usually try and give back through my closed car window, which I don’t let them do).
    It strikes me, and it always has, the real heroes, go unsung.
    Love to you and I love your blog.

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    1. Ah, Cindy, if I’m looking for some kindness and a reminder of the good in the world I know I can find it in you! That is so lovely of you. I think acknowledgement for the over worked and under paid during this time will do a lot for our countries, hopefully people will remember the unsung heroes, as you rightly put it, when we are through this. And thank you! Love to you, too, my friend! Stay safe!


  2. Thank you ever so much for such a kind shoutout! As a supermarket/checkout worker myself, it means the world when someone takes time out of their day to thank delivery drivers, shelf stackers and cashiers for what we do. Things are so uncertain and crazy at the moment, keeping people fed & supplied is always half the battle (especially with so much panic-stockpiling going on). 😊 Stay safe & hope you’re well! ❤

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    1. You’re very welcome! I’m happy to have someone who works one of those jobs see this post rather than it just being posted into the void. I worked in retail for years (not in a supermarket though, so not as important!) and know exactly how you can be treated at times. Hopefully this crisis will help people see that we waste so much time idolising celebs who, when it comes down to real issues, are really quite useless and it’s the people we see every day – like you say delivery drivers, shelf stackers, cashiers – who are our everyday heroes and actually deserving of our respect! Anyway, sorry for the long reply haha. You stay safe also and thank you for continuing to do what you do!! 🙂 x

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      1. No trouble at all! It’s ever so kind of you to give a virtual hug to those who might need it. ❤ Being under the threat of self-isolation's certainly helped my writing grow, so I've had plenty of time to write new flashfiction if any might pique your interest!

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