FF – The Blank Page

Copyright Jeff Arnold

“It’s always the keys,” a voice muttered, hushed but loud enough for an interested ear to notice.

“Always,” another responded. “Here we sit, jostled into this harness, and yet what do they obsess over? The clickety clackety.”

“Don’t forget the ink,” a third voice snorted. “All that romantic nonsense, especially if someone mentions a quill.”

A unison of sighs, exasperated in their holding. A shuffling, swoosh of page against page.

“And what are we to them? Nothing,” the first voice spat would-be dried ink from its chest.

“No, we’re something alright, the one they complain about. We’re the blank page.”



Above is my response to the Friday Fictioneers prompt by Rochelle.

I’m not feeling too well so couldn’t ramble but wanted to keep up with writing. I enjoyed reading other posts and so wanted to join in.

I hope I got it right and that you’re all well!

Arbie X

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