Where’d you come from? Where’d you go?

I thought it might be fun to ask where you’re from. Not because I’m a stalker, I’m only asking for country here not town or postcode! And, where in said country you would tell me to go if I were visiting for a day. Just a fun little virtual travelling game for us to play. I’ll share mine, too!

You can also, if you like, share the country that you would like to visit and the one place you’d see if you could only be there for a day. Hence the whole butchering of the lyrics for Cotton Eye Joe, rather than “where did you go?” we’re playing with “where would you go?”


I’m from England and I’d suggest you go to Yorkshire. That’s right, not to London, but up North to where my family is from, and where I played when I was a little girl.


Here are a couple of places I’d like you to see:



York is an old, old city and is incredibly enchanting with an awful lot to see and do in a single visit! There’s a reason I set my book here and honestly, if I ever could, I would live in York in a heartbeat. Or, within a short driving distance at least. I have many pictures from York because it’s where I took my husband when he first came to visit me in England. So, I’m not just saying this, this really is a place I like people to see! I’ll fish through those pictures in the future when I start to do my picture journals.


Bolton Abbey


According to my Mom, this was my Grandma’s favourite place. I have many memories here, including shifting through the sand looking at stones with my dad. There’s a picture somewhere of my dad carrying me on his back down one of the streams that I’ll have to find because it’s one of my favourites.




I suppose this is because of the little goth kid that is still in me, but I feel like I have to include Whitby. My last memory of Whitby was being stung by a scorpion in a hotel. Yep, I was bitten by Count Scorpula. I still have the scar on my arm from the little bugger. But! That’s not why I’m saying to go. I’m suggesting it because it has a beautiful atmosphere and if you like Dracula then why not see where he supposedly crashed up against the rocks? This is also where my engagement ring is from. My engagement ring has Whitby Jet inside it, not a gem but fossilised wood. Neat, huh?




One of my best memories of Haworth was going with my parents and my grandma (my dad’s mom this time) and getting some cherry lips from the sweet shop that tasted like soap and were glorious… more recently when I went I bought a Wuthering Heights graphic novel that although it doesn’t taste like soap, was pretty good! Wuthering Heights is still one of my favourite books and so visiting Haworth, a village the Brontë sisters are associated with, is something I like to do. It’s also just a pleasant place to be. You might have noticed, but all the places I’m suggesting (apart from York depending on what you do) are pretty relaxing haha!


The moors and dales and dales and moors and…


To the best of my recollection, I mostly played on Ilkley Moor. But, the moors and dales are both places to see while you’re in Yorkshire. There are obviously many more, but I was only planning to post one and then it kind of went from there so here we have it. I’m leaving you on the moors to find your own way home! A bit cruel… but the scenery!


I hope this was somewhat entertaining and that maybe your curious about one of these places. When I was younger, I used to feel a little jealous of my friends jetting off to different countries to be in the Sun, but now I look back on the places I was taken by my parents and I’m grateful. I think it gave me a bigger appreciation for the country I was born in, and I hope that if I do have children that we’ll be able to bring them up in England and drag them to different castles to sit on cannons in the rain, too!


Now for where I would like to go…




I’ve always wanted to see the northern lights, and so I think right now I’ll choose Iceland. Although, just while writing this there are many other places popping into my mind. Tough luck fingers, we’ve already decided!


Sorry if this is incorrect in places or just really jumbled. This actually took ages to put together because my head is fully in doolaley land haha. Thinking is hard!

I hope you choose to join in because I know I have people reading from Australia to India to Canada and I would love to see the places you wish more people knew about or appreciated in your country.

Hope your happy, safe, and well!

Arbie X



15 thoughts on “Where’d you come from? Where’d you go?”

  1. I’ve wanted to visit Yorkshire ever since watching “Heartbeat” 🙂
    I’m from the beautiful country of Cornwall, which some will say is actually not a country but part of “the England”, but whatever 🙂
    I’d like to visit Iceland too. My parents loved it!

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  2. A truly glorious article Arbie, thanks for the lovely tour/pic’s around the places in England…..
    I’m from Geelong, Australia, in the southern state of Victoria. We’re a city by The Bay, but also beside the beautiful sandy beaches of “The Southern Surf Coast”…. and Xavier Rudd comes from Geelong…
    I’ve always wanted to do a tour New Zealand…..

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    1. I was hoping you’d post! Geelong looks like a beautiful place to live. Are you in walking distance to the beach or do you go there often at all? A tour of New Zealand would be incredible!!


      1. I can catch a 20min bus to the bay beaches, but it’s 40min drive to surf beaches….But they’re all in shutdown….I’ve been on a cruise around New Zealand, and stop a 8 ports and sailed into Milford Sound… there’s so much more to see…..

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      2. Ah it makes sense they’d all be shut down right now. Oh wow! That sounds like it must have been amazing. I hope you get to go and see more of it!


    1. Whoa, Patagonia looks amazing… I don’t think I knew of it before now. And thank you! Ooh lancashire! I used to go to Blackpool a fair bit when visiting relatives in Yorkshire. I remember the lights and all the different types of rock. I think I even once got an english breakfast, all made of rock haha!

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      1. Patagonia appeals to the plant geek in me. So many very odd things grow there!
        Morecambe is only a mile or two from me – it was like a cheaper version of Blackpool back in the 70s but was on hard times 20 years later. I was once in a pub with my friend Jane and a tourist couple from the states asked her what Morecambe was like. Jane’s answer was ‘don’t bother unless you want drugs or a prostitute’….

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  3. If you ever visit Australia a) let me know so we can hang out, duh 😉 and b) literally just visit the entire state of Tasmania. I visited there a few years ago and I’ve been dreaming of going back ever since, though I actually live in Victoria.
    As to where I’d go…Portland, Oregon is top of my list.

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    1. For sure I’d let you know! I think I would like to visit Australia, despite my utter fear of anything that wants to bite me haha! Tasmania and Victoria look amazing! I partially regret moving from Hawai’i right over to the east coast. I wish we’d gone west coast and seen states like Oregon before heading east, and eventually back to the UK. Ah well, that’s what the future is for! I hope you get to Portland!


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