Arbie featuring Chidi

This is going to be a difficult post to write. Not because of anything emotional, but because Chidi the cat keeps nudging my laptop off my knees with his nose. He’s pretending he hasn’t been pet in fifteen years (despite not even being two yet) just like how in the kitchen he pretends he hasn’t been fed in twenty years. Chidi has a food problem, meaning he wants all the food all the time. He has also mastered how to convince people we are cruel horrible people, with an expertly tucked tail and pitiful meow. Why? Because there is cream and he knows there is cream and we are the spawns of Satan for not allowing him to eat it all, all of the time.

Or something like that.

Chidi also tries to drink orange juice.

He also dragged our food off the table on Thanksgiving and threw it on the floor then looked at us with an expression of: “What? You knew I would given the chance.”

I love Chidi.

This is Chidi.

(he only wore the bowtie for the picture)

Chidi just expertly rested his head on the backspace key and deleted letters as I was writing. Who needs an editor with a cat like this?

I actually intended to write a little bit about X Files in this post. Although there wasn’t a specific thing I wanted to write about. I introduced my husband to it again today (I’ve tried a couple of times I think in the past) and this time he liked it! It wasn’t a failure like with Twin Peaks which he thinks is awful… I just… *Sigh* each to their own. The good news is he actually likes X Files, or it’s because he’s sick at the moment, whatever it is I’ll take it until he doesn’t want to watch it anymore!

I’m not sure what it is about these shows that I like so much. Me and a lot of people like that is. Maybe it’s the mystery, or the small-town mystery vibe some of the episodes have. It’s actually a bit surprising that I like it as much as I do given that I’m not overly interested in aliens and it’s a running theme throughout, even with other supernatural cases. I suppose there’s nostalgia to it as well. I used to watch it with my eldest brother most evenings. Odd that I’d remember that over when I first watched it.

I think soon I might start writing some fiction but not really expect it to go anywhere. If that crops up on here, be aware that a story might start but it might not wind up finished. I keep resisting writing because I don’t believe I have it in me yet to complete anything. But it took me about five years to finish a book. I still hope to one day get around to finishing the others. I understand why it took me such a long time, my mental health being as rubbish as it was, and because of that I also understand I might not ever finish anything again. I don’t want to give up though. So, it might just mean a bunch of half written stories again as I start to put together some beginnings endings and middles.

The one thing I’m hesitant about though is dyslexia. I was tested for it and told that I have it back in university but I never really got the chance to understand how to deal with it. I think it mostly impacts my ability to structure, maybe, I don’t know. Yeah, the truth is I don’t know but I hope to find out how these different things might cause issues for me and learn to deal with them. That’s what I’m trying to say. There’s no point in trying to do the same thing over and over again and then wondering why it keeps failing.

It was nice to write a little bit more today, even if it was pretty forced. I’m happy that over the past week I’ve continued trying to be creative even if it’s been difficult. I rarely feel proud of anything, probably because I know how easily I give up (or I tell myself I give up easily) so maybe I don’t feel proud but I do feel content that I continued posting on this blog. Yeah, that feels good.

Okay, time to end this while the going is good or whatever that saying is.

I hope you’re all safe and well!

Arbie X

4 thoughts on “Arbie featuring Chidi”

  1. What I’ve always been told about writing, is to just write. Don’t think about the mistakes in that you might’ve made in the story, because you can fix those later. Just get lost in the world that you are writing about, and eventually things will just come together. That’s at least how I write. It makes writing a lot of fun, which is nice because college made me hate writing… On another note Chidi looks adorable! I’ve been watching a lot of cat videos and it makes me want to have a cat of my own… Maybe one day. Hope you are having a good day and stay safe!

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    1. Yeah, that’s what I’ve always been told too. It’s actually why I started posting on this blog every day to rebuild the habit of writing! I’m a panster by nature so I can appreciate the fun in just going with it! I think I’m still living in the fear a bit of what mental illness takes from me when it comes to creativity. I’m not one of the lucky ones who become incredibly creative, it just saps me dry haha! I’ll keep up with what I’m doing though because I know in part it’s putting writing out there as much as the writing itself. I suppose as well as just write it’s just post! Cats are wonderful! We have a little clan. They are all so different between the skulkers and the cuddlers, the lone wolves and the community cats! I’m sure you’ll find one or two that suit your personality! I hope you’re well and staying safe too! Thank you for the encouragement, by the way. 🙂

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