and now in dreams too

Last night I dreamt that I wasn’t myself.

At first the dream was not particularly interesting. It was a normal wandering about in the world dream, the type that a partner might listen to but only with partial interest as not to seem rude. You’re not quite the captive audience, so I won’t go into detail on the beginning. It’s the ending that made me awake feeling uncomfortable, mostly because of how many times I went through that same damn ending.

It was partly similar to the previous nights. I’d wake up and feel like someone was in the room, but whereas on those nights it would be a struggle to fall back to sleep, even if I wanted to stay awake last night, I was drawn back into the same dream each time.

At the same point.

I would be walking down the street, in clothes that didn’t look like any I own or would own (a knee skimming skirt and long-sleeved loose blouse) and I would approach a car, and hesitate for a minute with that same feeling of being watched I’ve been experiencing while awake.

I would then think nothing of the brief chill that caused goosebumps to rise on my shoulders, and instead get into the car. It was only upon checking the mirror that I’d see, despite the life I had been living previously in the dream, and the way that I acted and talked (much more confident) that it was my face staring back at me. I didn’t greet it with the usual sunken feeling in my stomach, instead I fixed a piece of loose blonde hair as though it mattered very little, pulled on the seat belt and started the ignition.

All of this would have been a very pleasant dream, perhaps of an ideal version of my life, until this next point.

The shortest moment in the dream. The crash.

At least, I think it’s a crash. I think from the way my head jolts forward and stomach lurches upwards that something has crashed into the back of the car. I get that same cold feeling I was talking about, followed by a heat that travels through my veins. I spoke about this in yesterday’s post. I think then, that I must die, because I wake up and I’ve been told you can’t die in a dream.

This happened about four or five times. Which might not sound like much, but by the time I was able to keep my eyes open and truly fight being dragged back into sleep, my body ached and I leaned my head over the side of the bed thinking I was about to vomit. It was like riding a rollercoaster one too many times in the middle of Summer.

Even worse, I felt that presence in the room every time I woke up. I felt that it was closer than usual. That I was being drugged and unable to defend myself. I felt my body tighten just now in only writing about it.

It’s as though whatever is in the room is playing games with me. I wanted sleep and so now I have it, but it comes with its own terms and conditions, and who reads those, really?

I’m pretty exhausted today and so it doesn’t matter how much I want to avoid that room; I imagine I’ll be in bed and out of it within minutes of my head hitting the pillow. I just hope I don’t have that same dream. Not only because it left me feeling physically sick, but because dreams are precious and should be reserved for more fun things, not boring and repetitive rubbish.

Anyway, that’s all there was too it. Fingers crossed for restful sleep!

Arbie X


note: check the tags, this is fiction!

click here for part one

11 thoughts on “and now in dreams too”

  1. Sometimes life in itself is a living nightmare, but despite our traumas one should keep forging forward. Live your life with such fortitude & positive intent even death trembles with fear whenever it tries to embrace you. Sweet dreams and sleep well!

    PS: I can only see 2 tags, how many tags do you use in your post & what are they?

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    1. Oh no! I didn’t realize they wouldn’t all show. They are stating that this is fiction. I’m playing with the “nosleep” concept, where you write horror as though it is happening to you but it is in actuality just fiction. I might have to work out these tag things, especially given where I might take this. I’ll put it in the end note as well, just in case. Although I have no idea where it’s going haha.

      Please don’t think your comment was a waste though, I’ll keep it in mind when my real life is causing me trouble. Thank you!

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      1. WordPress doesn’t show all the tags to the readers. It only shows 2 tags at a time. That’s why I proactively asked you about the tags. That being said you from your end inserting the tags correctly but try using tags like creative writing, blogging, blogger, writing, life, longreads, readinglist… & so on. You can put upto 15 tags in a post. I usually play with 12-13 tags.

        Glad to know that it’s just a fiction rather than something real, but you wrote it with such conviction that fiction blended in with reality. I wrote a poem called The Owl (it’s inspired by The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe) which is on somewhat similar lines. You may check it out according to your convenience. Would love to know your thoughts about it.

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      2. Ah I read on my laptop a lot where it shows more of the tags! Thanks for the heads up that on the app it doesn’t, or elsewhere it doesn’t. I’ll keep that in mind.

        It sounds good! I’ll be sure to check it out!


  2. Nightmares and dreams are fun to play with….. I’ve written hundreds of poems from my dreams….. If you need a couple, give me a ‘yell’……..
    But I’ve a great cure for bad dreams ….. Firstly, put on this song by the “Dirty Three”, and when the song starts, turn yourself upside down, or stand on your head(whatever is easier for you.), make sure you can watch he screen… and after the songs finished, go to bed, and you’ll sleep like a drowned star….and report back to Ivor….. if this didn’t work, I’ve plenty of other ‘Dirty Tricks’ up my sleeve….

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    1. Hahaha good lord! Thankfully I’m not really having any dreams or nightmares at the moment. I’m sleeping like a rock! I’m hesitant to watch this video at the moment given the upside down rules that go along with it! I’ll give it a go in the morning! 😂


    2. I just realized that I completely forgot this was on my “nosleep” fun thing where “it’s all real even if it’s not real!” So yes, just in case you were playing the nosleep game of replying as though this is real and not fiction, ahem, I’ll be sure to try this! 😂 I’ll get the hang of it eventually! 🐍


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