a rambling and back again

I think I’m just going to have a little bit of a write today, rather than continue with the short story I’ve been writing or writing anything in response to a prompt. I don’t really have a lot of time because my husband will need the laptop, and I’m not sure where I’m taking the story next. At all. I’d be fine with just stream writing in a short amount of time, but when I know I don’t have a lot of time I panic and my mind goes blank. Although, maybe it’s worth giving it a shot. Push myself a little bit more, you know? Yeah, I’ll do that. So, hmm… I guess I’ll leave this here and pick up where I left off tomorrow. A multi-day blog entry! Woohoo!

Okay, to the story I go…

(here is what I wrote yesterday, it’s fiction: if only in a dream…)

That was yesterday’s writing, but today were back with brand new writing! Shine the lights! Wuhuu! Okay, that’s a lot of pachazz… pujazz? Pajazz? I don’t know. That’s a lot of excitement for what will be just a return to the rambles. Rambles of Doom: Rambles Strikes Back.

I think I spent too long in the bath because I’m not half as physically excited as I mentally seem to be. In fact, I don’t think I’m mentally excited either. I think I’m anxious because I don’t have a lot of time left to write this before I miss a day. I guess I’m confusing excitement with anxiety, or perhaps I’m tunnelling my anxiety into excitement. Fairly certain I mean channelling, but there’s no turning back from here! There is no delete or backspace!

I’m finally getting better from whatever was wrong with me. I did have a fair few drugs (the prescription kind) thrown my way so maybe that helped. But, now I just have the cough. I’ve been enjoying being in the kitchen again after over a week of not being able to move around too well at all. Nuh uh. Not much strutting by these feets! I’ll be continuing to stay in though, because we have to, but also because coughs are dangerous things these days with all their spittle spray and so on.

I expect I’ll be up late again tonight. We’re gathering all sorts of things about my husband’s ailments and it is stacks of paperwork. It fries my little brain at the best of times but late into the night I begin to read all the words upside down and backwards. I think it will be well worth it though, so a few cups of tea will get me through it!

Oh! I did actually go and write the story yesterday when I said I was going to. I honestly do not know where I’m going to take it. It will probably be embarrassingly bad, but so what? We’re all writers here, many creative writers. We know what a draft looks like and we know that sharing those practice writings or drafts or first attempts back at creativity can be tough. I’m just posting it for whoever to see. I hope I can come up with an ending though. I don’t think it will necessarily be going down the original thought process I had, but that’s the joy of pansting. Who knows where it will take you?

I had an idea that I think would lend itself well to a comic, but I don’t know how to draw and I don’t want to put it to my friend who is an artist because I have a history of wanting to start something and not being able to. If I put a script together, then I’ll say something. But even then, I know she’s busy with her work. I’ll look into how writers find artists and how all of that works. When the time comes, that is.

Did anyone see the Queen’s speech? I saw a quote from it on Tony’s blog so went searching for it. I like the Queen. I might not be a bit follower or supporter of the royal family as such, but the Queen is good in my books. I’ll post it for anyone who might want to view it. She’s talking about gratefulness and strength during the time of the Coronavirus pandemic.

It felt good to ramble again. I might need to trim me nails though because they’re a bit too long and they feel uncomfortable when I’m typing. I’m pretty fast at typing so I don’t like anything getting in the way of that speed or placing letters where letters aren’t supposed to be! I always wonder how people with super long nails use their phones or type. I have a fear of nails being ripped off and so I cringe a little when I see the tip of a nail meet the plastic because it moves the nail and tugs on it and erugh.

I’d like to continue but you’re in luck because I need to go boil the kettle. I wonder how many other people are boiling the kettle at this moment or about to go boil the kettle. Are you boiling the kettle? Is my talking about boiling the kettle making you want to boil the kettle?

*insert X Files theme tune*

We’re still watching X Files and my husband loves it which is very fun.

Are there any aliens boiling the kettle right now? Would aliens boil kettles or would they have some other form of technology to create boiling water? Could they do it with their minds? Would that mean that they would never suffer from coldteaitis because they could just *du du du du duuuu duuuuuuu* and it would be hot again? Huh… neat.

I hope you’re all well!

Arbie X

(Real Arbie not fake oh no weird dreams Arbie)


NOTE: AAArrggghhhh it didn’t post and it’s now 00:48. I found it in my drafts. Whyyyyyy. 😦 Well, I’m going to count it because I wrote it on the 6th and tried to post it. Baaaah. 😦