Streaming is tiring!

I’ve been getting up to a few things that used to terrify me.

Showing my face on stream, streaming in general actually. Talking to people doesn’t come too easily to me.

Sharing my stories in a serialized format where people can talk shit to me.

But like I said in a previous post, this is all part of just sucking it up and doing the things I’ve wanted to do for years.

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I once had a brief stint with YouTube, but I stopped when I started to get followers. Makes sense, yes?

No. But the things I do rarely make sense because I made bad decisions.

It’s funny, because when I write that I remember the dog training videos we were watching in preparation of Chloe. The trainers would ask the dogs to make good choices and good decisions, and I think I’ve taken something from that, too.

Rather than acting on fear, act on hope. Rather than being a coward, be at least a little braver. Stop closing doors and keeping them shut and learn what open doors feel like instead. Be more cat, I guess with that last one. Our cat Atlas hates closed doors.

He doesn’t want to walk through them, he just doesn’t want them closed.

Anyway, one of the things I didn’t expect was how exhausting streaming can be. At first I could average an hour, now I’m up to two and I think two hours is where I want to keep it.

I read other streamers think the same and someone explained it’s the multitasking. I agree and think that coupled with anxiety it’s just an energy drain. Which sucks because I’m trying to be energetic for the stream to make people smile.

Ah well.

If you’re into that kind of thing I stream here:

If you’re into LitRPG I upload here:

I hope you’re all doing well and challening yourselves to do the things you truly want to, even if it is a little bit scary.

That’s me streaming. I still don’t know how to stop the camera from making me glow. Technical difficulties.

Arbie X

5 thoughts on “Streaming is tiring!”

  1. Stardew Valley! I absolutely love that game. I’ll be tuning in if I ever get free time. I’ve never streamed but I believe your experience approximates how many people feel about it.

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      1. Lol! I’ll have to pick up a few tips cause I got so deep into it but stopped due to work. the grind in that game is so addictive lol I had like so many orange trees in my backyard, it was insane. Don’t get me started on the day you collect all the yield and haul it off for all that gold LOL! so entrepreneurial

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    1. Thank you! I injured my back because I tried to run in a cat wheel and broke it and uh fell out. But I’ll stream again once I can sit at the computer for long periods of time!


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