The Puppers Trials

I don’t like this new wordpress format. Boo hiss. Wait, have I already booed and hissed at this? Maybe.


No, first one more scowl. Hssssss.


I’m not sure if I wrote a blog post about our puppy Chloe. I know I came back to blogging/everything when she passed away and I went into mania but I’m not sure I ever truly spoke about her. Just in case, I’ll write about her here.

I just checked and I didn’t write about her. It was probably just too sad.

Well, right before Christmas we got a puppy. She was this unbelievably gorgeous australian shepherd. So gorgeous you can hardly believe she was a real puppy. That was my dad’s first reaction when he saw her “Is she real?” Haha, but she was very real, and we loved her more than I thought possible.

Unfortunately we only had Chloe for 6 days. She contracted parvo and although we got her to hospital within 3 hours of vomiting and hospitalized her they weren’t able to save her and she passed away four days later. I still feel so bitter about this. I’d read so many times that if they make it through the first 3-4 days they’ll likely live, that those that are hospitalized have an 85% chance of survival. But our little girl got a horrific fever and succumbed to her illness. She was just 10 weeks old when she died. I’ll never make peace with that.

She was the brightest, happiest little creature I believe I’ve ever known. She was my first dog and I get it now. I understand you dog people. I see what makes them so special.

This brings me to Stella.

3/4 months after losing Chloe we now have Stella with us. Stella is a 6 year old Australian Shepherd and again is wonderful. She’s currently on trial with us because her current owner wants to make sure it’s a really good fit for everyone involved. So far Stella has been a dream. She’s been so loved and so well raised that she just slipped into our family without a hitch.

Our only issue is our cats. So far Stella has been really good with them. We’ve been keeping her on a loose leash and have doggy gates set up on every room of the house, so the cats always have an exit if anything were to happen. There’s been a lip furl when one of our cats, Fergus, got too near to her bone, but that’s about it so far. It’s still early days but I’m hopeful.

I really want this to work. She’s helped me so much with healing the loss of Chloe in just the few days we’ve had her.

I’ll post pictures of them both. Because let’s face it, why read this when you can look at puppers?!

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