We danced the whole night through!

Okay I’m sorry, that’s a lie. There was no dancing. I’ll wave my hands in the air for you now though. Woooooo. There, hands waved.

I just wanted to title the blog Goodmornin’, goodmornin’, but I didn’t think it would have the required earworm effect.

But yes! Ah! Morning! Well, not too early in the morning. It’s 10am. I just really didn’t want to write right now so I thought well that means for my writing training now is the best time to write!

I’m jumping back on that bicycle. Rolling with that wave! Rolling with that wave? Can you tell I don’t surf. Heck, I can barely swim. My husband actually taught me to swim when he lived in Hawai’i and I was visiting. Not in the ocean, I’m not crazy. Yes, that’s right, I think people who swim in the ocean are crazy. I mean have you seen that thing? It eats people for lunch!


I wish I were that brave.

You know when to use was and when to use were always trips me up. There are a bunch of words like that. When to use effect or affect. When to say “flopbip and I” or “me and flopbip”. I don’t know a flopbip, but it might be a name Elon Musk considers for one of his next kids. I wonder if there is a kid somewhere called floppy disk.

If you think about it, Floppy Disk is the name of the future for parents of the eighties and nineties. It’s not much different from naming your child X-ea (I’m not sure what Musk’s kids are called although I think one is called Sidereal which is pretty neat in my book).

Ah so things are going well with Stella and the cats. We messed up yesterday and let one of our cats get close while she had a chew treat though and there was an air snap. Lesson learned. Stellas do no appreciate kitty flanking when trying to happy munch.

We’re taking it super slow and have her on a loose line even while in the house. Introductions are taking time but I’d rather introductions end on wins and not on a negative so we call it after 10 – 15 minutes at the moment.

I think that because some of our cats were feral they just don’t fear dogs. And I don’t want them to be shaking in their furry boots fearing her, but just some common sense would be nice. Not that one of our cats has much of that.

He’s called Chidi and I’m going to attach a picture of him crying at me because he’s “trapped” on the other side of the doggy gate.

“Help! I can’t walk 5 inches to my right!”

He’s a special boy.

Right, well, there’s some rambling. Now I think it’s time to go walk Stella. She was doing well with just one walk a day but now that she’s starting to get more energy and coming out of her shell more it’s looking like she might need two. That’s fine. I need to lose a bit of weight. Moving to America introduced me to Popeyes and it’s been downhill from there.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Arbie X

3 thoughts on “We danced the whole night through!”

      1. Yes indeed Arbie .. I always feel good after our walkie .. I’ve had Frankie 8 months, he’s 5 years old, and he needed a new home 🏡 .. he loves it here 🐶😊🌏

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