Good luck come hither!

There I was, having a nice time, feeling pretty in a floaty long dress, and a bird shat on me.

Yeah, just like that.

No point in writing some lengthy intro, may as well get straight to the point. I am now one lucky motherfucker!

That’s how it works, right? I mean I hope so. Bird just came on over, couldn’t wait until I was nearly home from walking Stella, no, had to get me at the farthest point from our house. Bet it’s still laughing about it with its mates.

Soooo yes! Today I was worried I wouldn’t have anything to write about, but given that happened yesterday it certainly gave me something. Even if small, it gets the fingers tapping.

And today my brain is feeling highly anti tippy tappy. Maybe it’s because I’m hungry, so I keep thinking about breadsticks and garlic butter, I dunno. Maybe it’s just one of those days.

But going for walks is pretty nice, gets me feeling good. I also know I should enjoy it while I can because soon the weather is going to suffocate me.

I’m a Brit living in South Georgia and oh lord does the heat and humidity murder me. Give me multi-weather days, give me hail storms, give me sleet, please save me from this heat!

If only moving back to England could be so easy haha. I’m still actually in the process of greencard-dom. I have a greencard, but it’s technically expired, so I have to carry around a letter from the USCIS that extends it.

I’m not being naughty, this is just the way of it. You can’t apply to extend your greencard until three months before it runs out and then there’s a two year wait. So we’re all out here with our letters in our bags.

And it’s a mixed bunch when it comes to who will accept it and who won’t. I’ve had one person just enter my greencard into the system and extend it via the letter without issue, and another act like I was a criminal in the states illegally and wouldn’t be so helpful.

But the letter sayyyyssssssss… no point arguing sometimes. Easier to just go another route.

Hopefully it won’t be long before I get my new card though. It sure is stressful going through immigration!

How did I get from bird poop to this? I guess this is the path my brain wanted to wander down today. Nothing too excited, but I don’t feel too excitable. I just feel like having a beer and sitting in the shade with my husband and my dog.

Yeah, sometimes life feels slow but if I just take a moment and breathe it in it also feels pretty freakin’ sweet.

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