It was only 5 dollars though

Oh lord I feel sick. Why did I do this to myself? It was all going so well. I started the morning with a walk. The sun was shining, the droopy purple flowers were smelling delicious, and no bird shat on me.

Then we thought, hey, it’s early still, let’s go get breakfast. And, it was only 5 dollars at taco bell for a box of food and I thought my stomach could handle it and now I’m suffering the bloated consequences.

I was also most displeased that my box did not come in a box. When you say it’s a box of food I want my box! I’m like a child. I like Happy Meals still even if the toys just aren’t what they used to be.

But now I’m sipping on my ice coffee feeling far from fancy after I just stuffed the last of the cinnabons in my mouth. It started off with a hash brown how did it end up like this, do de doo do do dooo.

Now I have the day ahead of me and I’m not too sure what I intend to do with it. I’m writing, so there’s a tick box. I’ve been sticking to tapping my fingers on these keys even when, as above, there is very little for me to tap about. I’m just hoping I’ll be able to write my book again soon.

I actually don’t spend much time thinking about anything important and I’d like that to change. I’m training my brain to focus outwards rather than stress inwards and it’s working. I’ve been reading a lot lately.

I seem to have less patience with books than I used to. I used to feel pretty bad if I rated anything lower than 5 stars on goodreads but now I use the stars for what they represent. If I 3 star something, hey it still means I liked it. It just means I didn’t LOVE it. And there aren’t many books that I do love.

I recently read They Both Die in the End and Mexican Gothic and I felt pretty let down by both of them. They Both Die in the End was a slow burn of a book where I found myself bored at times but wanted to push forward just to get to the end. Which now I think about it is pretty psychotic of me given I knew exactly what was coming for those characters… morbid curiosity! We’ll call it that!

As for Mexican Gothic there wasn’t much about it that felt like I was reading a Mexican horror story. There were snippets and mentions of Mexico, some traditions or games, and the main character was Mexican. But she read like any American socialite from the 50s, which is fine if that’s what Mexican socialites were also like, but then the entire bloody book was set in an English mansion.

It also wasn’t scary and there were too many mushrooms. Ah, I long for a good horror read.

So now I’m reading Two Can Keep a Secret if One is Dead. I liked One of Us is Lying (which is by the same author) and so far I like the easy prose of this book.

I’m also quite picky about bookfeel. You know when you pick up a book, get a sense of its weight, the texture of the cover, the ease of the bend of the spine. Mmmm, I like me a book with some good bookfeel! Haha.

Okay I’m putting down the iced coffee.

I hope you are reading a splendid book and have a wonderful day!

Arbie X

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