I forgot to add a title

I am definitely having one of those days where brain doesn’t get the memo to wake up.

I’m not sure if my new schedule is shocking my brain or something and so it’s going on strike but I thought getting out of bed and going to straight to a game of frisbee with Stella would be good for me.

Fresh air first thing in the morning and all that. I follow up with a cuppa tea so it’s not as though I’m depriving myself of anything. There’s just been a rejig of the system.

So far my Stella schedule looks like this:

Wake up, take out for bathroom and game of frisbee




Evening game of frisbee



We go out throughout the day here and there for bathroom checks and just because I like to get her out of the house. She’s used to life on a huge farm so even though she spends most of her time snoozing in the house I can’t help but worry she’s bored out of her mind.

Because we’re doing introductions with the cats too I like to burn off as much excess energy as possible for their interactions. So far it’s been going okay. She resource guards which is something we’re working on, but for the most part she’s been accepting of the cats from the get go. This morning she gave Joey a good ol’ sniff and then gave him a friendly lick. Lots of praise, good Stella! Joey was praised too for his chillness. But, Joey is always chill. He’s the love child of Joey from friends and Salem the cat.

We were back at the vet again yesterday as well. Nothing worrying, just to get Stella’s blood panel done so that if she does fall ill they have a healthy baseline to compare her blood work too. She was really good, but she did have a bit of a grumble at a blue heeler that was a little too energetic for her liking.

It’s a bit nerve wracking having a new dog. Not knowing what any triggers might be and trying to figure out how to handle situations. She’s such a good girl because she was brought up so well but I understand how stress (and she must be stressed with leaving her home of six years to come to ours) can have an impact on our behaviours.

I’m going to try do some word prompt exercises. I’m still not exactly imagining anything, which sucks, but maybe it’ll do something? Although admittedly, I did try a word prompt about a month ago and I wrote absolute rubbish. It was so uninspired and bland it just made me feel worse.

I wish I understood what was going on. It’s been happening since before I started my medication so I can’t exactly blame that, and I’ve had depression for twenty odd years and still managed to write even when not in mania so I don’t know if I can look to that either.

I like to understand what’s happening with me because then I have this silly notion that if I can just get it then I can fix it. I’m hoping this is fixable anyway. I really want to write more than one book.

Ah well, that’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

Here’s a picture of me and Stella.

Arbie X

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