bleargh blu blah de blu

Okay, here we are, test time.

I do not want to write. I repeat, everything in my brain (which isn’t an awful lot more than doritos and breadsticks) is telling me not to write.

I feel… what’s the word, not repulsed, that’s to strong. Ah, I have a strong aversion to writing right now. Which is why I’m writing, because the whole point of coming back to this blog was determination and training.

Only problem, I don’t know what to write about. Although, I know this is working. That writing in this blog daily is starting to get some cogs whirring because when I woke up around 6:30 this morning (dog was barking because she needed to poop) I had something come to mind that I wanted to write about.

Then in true brain fashion I’d forgotten about it by 10am.

We were placed under a tornado watch, as well. Lovely, I know. Nothing like having a dog afraid of thunderstorms and then mother nature having a giggle and saying she’s going to throw in a tornado for free. Thankfully it never came, and not much amounted from the thunderstorm warning either. Just lots of rain that made frisbee time pretty slippery.

I also got bitten by a fire ant. Rude.

I appreciate most creatures on this planet but there are some that I just don’t have time for and having received my fair share of fire ant bites, fire ants are now high on my hit list. For some reason they love our garden though. I don’t know what the neighbours are using on their lawns but ours also seems to be where the ants hoist up their frat houses.

It’s a shame because I think ants in general are incredible little critters, but these bitey stingy little fuckers are just a bit too extra in their anting.

Other than that I’ve been reading Sylvanas, a novel based on the world of warcraft character’s life. It’s good so far. I stopped playing WoW during Wrath of the Lich King so there will be plenty I don’t know about. Even if I have watched the cinematics and know that she was an absolute brute to the night elves. I’m looking forward to reading how this is all presented from her point of view. She’s always been my favourite character, even if I did spend most of my time playing as alliance.

I actually recently went back to WoW to try it out with my husband but it just wasn’t what it used to be. I don’t know what it is about it now but I just didn’t feel that same kind of magic that I used to feel. I think I’ll prefer to keep it in my memories.

There are plenty of things like that, where I don’t want to watch a film again or whatever because I’m afraid it won’t be what it used to be. One of the only things that always stands the test of time for me is Harry Potter. The movies were being played in a marathon while we were staying over night before picking up Stella and I had a blast watching them while munching my cheese curds from Buffalo Wild Wings. Man, I can’t get enough of those. Slytherin best house.

Ah well, I’ll leave this on the positive note of Harry Potter. Honestly, I feel like today is just not my day. I’m pleased I continued writing but I didn’t get much enjoyment out of it. But, that’s okay. It can’t always be enjoyable and the entire point is that I’m teaching myself to write even when I’d rather do anything else. Like rewatch Jenna Marbles videos or rearrange my stuffed animal collection.

I hope you’re having a positive and inspiring day!

Arbie X

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