my dog has instagram

First of all, and back to the title later, firrrssstttt of all!!

We are officially adopting Stella! If anyone has been reading these posts you’ll know that for the past near two weeks we’ve been on a trial run with an australian shepherd named Stella, and last night we approached her owner about officially adopting her and we were given the green light!

This is super exciting. She’s fit into our family really well (minus a couple of grumbles towards the cats, but it’s early days still) and we’ve really enjoyed having her around and I think she’s enjoyed our company also. She’s currently snoozing beside me, not on her dog bed, but next to it.

I can just imagine myself doing that one night. My husband climbing into bed and me brushing my teeth, saying goodnight, then rather than tuckering in beside him just lying on the floor.

“Goodnight, sweetheart!” ahahahaha.

I know that’s probably funnier to me than it is to you.

But, yes, we have adopted Stella! I’m hoping to take her on more exciting walks than what we’ve been going on. She’s from a huge farms with acres of land so she’s used to really tiring herself out and playing with a bunch of other dogs. Just, before we start going to national parks, I want to be sure she’s going to listen to me if I call her back.

I know she knows these commands, because she will sit for us when she feels like it and she does come back to her name, I think she’s just getting used to US saying them rather than her previous human.

Ah but yes. Instagram. I am now one of those people. I have made an instagram account for my dog and intend to post many pictures of her on there! I consider it to be a photo journal for her and I love that. When Chloe passed away, even though we had taken a lot of photos and videos, it didn’t feel like nearly enough. So, I’ve been taking a lot of photos of Stella.

You know I was actually too afraid to make Chloe a little instagram journal. I was terrified she’d become some famous pooch and someone would come steal her! I know… dramatic. But, I am dramatic. I’ve got over that fear though now. Although I am glad I never made an account for Chloe because shutting it down after only 6 days would have made everything that already felt so difficult even worse.

If you’re thinking I must be pretty sad with no life for making an account for my dog well let me give you a piece of my mind and let you know that you would be correct! Ahahahah. If only we lived in the UK. So many places to take her walking that are safe and where the temperature isn’t trying to kill me. That’s right, British weather is my favourite weather! I saidddd what I saiiidddd!

Speaking of weather it’s pretty rubbish here today, but I like that. It’s 68f and cloudy with a little drizzle. Such a relief compared to yesterday when the sun was scorching my freckley shoulders and getting me ready for a BBQ.

Have you ever tried tacos with the taco meat cooked in Hoisin sauce and Gochujang sauce? Damn it’s a good mix. Like seriously good. Mix in some cachews (no idea how to spell that nut) and top with some coleslaw ohhhh come to momma! Hmm it’s noon, I guess I’m hungry.

Oh last night I watched Top Gun for the first time! I know, sinful. I enjoyed it! I have some online friends that I often talk to on discord and we started a movie night and that was our first film. I loved the music and man I’m a sucker for those sunset shots! I always enjoy games with that kind of setting also.

Anyway, rambling on as I am I should stop this ramble because unfortunately I need to bury one of my corydoras. I’m not sure what happened to him but I found him dead this morning… which really sucks because he and the other black sail were always together and now one will be alone. I’m pretty sure it’s Abaddon that’s died but the way I used to tell them apart was when they would swim together because Abaddon was bigger than Oscar the third.

So yes. Off to dig a hole I go.

I hope you’re having a wonderful day.

Oh, here’s my dogs instagram!

Have a wonderful day.

Arbie X

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