stop trying to touch my dog

Okay, I’m enabling grumpy Arbie mode so please be advised.

Because I am grumpy! Not angry, I’m not bright red with smoke billowing out of my ears. I’m just grumpy.

Yesterday we took Stella to Petsmart and to the park. At both places kids approached to pet her. Awwwh, cute, right? Well not for me! Thankfully the first kid asked first and we were able to say no because she’s a new puppers and we’re not 100% on how she’ll always interact right now. So good kid.

The second kid was already petting her while asking if it was alright to pet her AFTER we had said not to pet her.

Now I know a counter point might be, well if you think she’s dangerous you should muzzle her or not take her to public places. But we don’t THINK she’s dangerous, we think she’s a dog in a new environment with new people and that she needs time and that it would be nice for her to not have to deal with strange people putting their hands all over her during that time.

I guess a part of me just doesn’t understand it because as a kid I was taught and told that you NEVER walk up to a strangers dog to pet it. Number one, stranger danger. Why are you approaching strangers? And I know that’s a sad world we live in when a kid can’t approach a stranger, but it’s a reality we live in. And number two, it’s not just that you don’t know the dog, but the dog doesn’t know you! Even as an adult I don’t attempt to pet strange dogs. I don’t know them! I don’t know their history, what kinda drugs they deal or make in their meth basements. What? It could happen.

I’m not half as pissed off as I sound it’s just… imagine if she had bitten? We’d said no, the kid did it anyway. She bites. Hello lawsuit and goodbye dog. So yes, this is why it makes me grumpy. If she did bite she would be killed for it. So please, parents, teach your kids not to walk up and pet strange dogs. I was taught this, I don’t think it’s asking too much! Again, props to the kid who asked and listened. Not so much props to the kid who wouldn’t listen.

I really don’t think Stella is dangerous at all, but we’re trying to set her up for success and give her a good life and I just don’t want that ruined. I’m sure there’ll be people readying their fingers to come back at me but I don’t care. My dog is not some kids toy. I wouldn’t like a stranger walking up and putting their hands all over my face, neither would you, why should she?

Hmpf. Okay. Grump officially over.

But aside from that we had a really good day! Stella got to see lots and lots of squirrels and wander around a new area. We’ll definitely be going back only this time I’ll be prepared with a 6ft stick and prod anyone who tries to come close.

I’ll post pictures on a happier blog post!

I hope you have a good day!

Arbie X

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