For the love of horror!


Here you will find my thoughts on horror. Whether it is on the screen or the page and whether I control it or I simply observe. I am not a reviewer and I don’t try to be, I just enjoy having a ramble about what I’ve seen. I am also more than open to my views being changed through discussion, just as much as I am stubborn as hell and will refuse to see past the blinkers!


Recommendations always welcome, viewing not guaranteed. Eheheh.


Some of these posts are brought over from a blog I would write in 2014, so please excuse variation in post style. 


The Haunted Screen



Thoughts on: Horror film Hereditary

Thoughts on: The Innkeepers

Thoughts on: Poltergeist

TV Series


The Posessed Controller



The Cryptic Ink


Short Story


The Deceptive Tongue

Urban Legends





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