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I ain’t got much to say

but it’s about time I said something anyway.

I start these a lot. Blogs, I mean. I start them and have fun with them for a little while and then forget about them. I think it’s fair to say that if blogs had a mother I’d be the girl that she warned them about. I guess though, the main reason I don’t keep a blog going is that I don’t have a topic. A lot of blogs that are updated often and engage people, they have a topic, or at least some common ground to share, you know? Well, I don’t know jack about beauty, I suck at games, and my life is definitely in the category of ordinary. I do (or did, until I got bored) write a blog about horror stuff. But I guess I got tired of that too since I don’t do much with it anymore. I change themes around and that’s about it. I like themes.

So, I don’t quite know what I’m going to do with this blog yet. I might use it to try and kick the terrible habit I’m in of writing backwards. Other than that, I’ll just write about life. Yeah, just life. That’s something we all have in common. Unless you’re reading this from beyond the grave in which case it’s pretty cool to see that technology has carried over.

Let’s start with today.

I’ve been playing quite a bit of Destiny and I’m still struggling to understand how I can be so bad at the multiplayer when I managed to get at least a few hits in on CoD games. I kind of want to blame the annoying, monotonous sounding announcer but that’s really unfair.

Screw it, it’s his fault!

I wish I knew the appeal of the game, other than it being so shiny. Don’t get me wrong, what I’m saying is I like it a whole lot, I’m just not sure why. It’s an old argument now that the story is lacking, but the multiplayer is just a multiplayer, I only really enjoy being on Earth and Venus (open the Reef, damnit!) and it still doesn’t feel that social. That having been said, my football and bouncy ball balance skills are now freakin’ awesome.

Fuck, what else. I know. Here, share my first experience of logging on Destiny. This is the first message that I received:

2014-09-09 22.48.02

Damn straight!

2014-09-11 16.29.18

Anyway, I’m going to pretend that I need to go do something really important now. In reality I’ll probably be on YouTube trapped in the endless loop of Buzzfeed videos. The “Coincidence” ones are great though. I mean, the Titanic tragedy was supposedly pretty much predicted 14 years earlier by author Morgan Robertson. Here, if you’ve got time and don’t mind losing the rest of your day to “Just one more” syndrome, check it out.