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I love Flapjack

Hey everyone!

I know I always do the thing of pointing out the day or the month and acting surprised about it, and I will stop – when it stops. >=( this is supposed to be an angry face, I hope it works. Time is being all deceptive and tricksy and so I will keep drawing attention to this until it backs the fuck up and takes a minute to just chill. At this rate it will be December in a month and…oooh, oh thanks time, that’s right, it WILL be December in a month. You just like to see me broke don’t you? Time is a jerk, ladies and fellas. Come at me Christmas. I can get hold of some coal. Sorry everyone I know, you just missed the nice list this year. What? If Time can be a jerk, I can be too.

I swear there’s a reason for this

Another thing I’m going to blame Time for, even though it is actually my fault, is how little I’ve been reading these past few days. My boyfriend just got in from America and so my attention has been on him and my ferrets. And my asshole cat, but he’s needed it because the fireworks have been ridiculously loud this year.

Just trust me on this one

I know Diwali has recently been celebrated and we’ve just had Bonfire night, any other firework celebrations been going off? I love the look of them, but the really loud banging ones are dumb. Maybe it’s because I have pets, maybe it’s because I just like to ruin everyone else’s fun, but I was ready to cut a bitch this week when I had my cat hiding under the couch, a ferret hiding in a box, and a sick ferret trembling under my bed because someone thought hey, hey, let’s not have cool sparkly amazing looking fireworks… let’s make it sound like the apocalypse is coming! I’ll show you the apocalypse *grumbles and waves walking stick* back in my day it was a pub bonfire, a hot chocolate and some kid going home with a sparkler in his eye. Good ol’ days.

Honestly this is going some where

This is my favourite time of year though, probably because I like to complain and it gives me a lot of good things to complain about. I mean, the Summer is alright because in England we all get to have a mass head shake and shoulder shrug accompanied with a carefully timed tut when it starts to rain after a brief spell of Sun. Autumn and Winter though… that’s where the good stuff is at. It gets colder so I can complain about the weather even though I like it, it’s Halloween so I can complain about kids even though I love seeing the costumes, it’s November so I can complain about Christmas being advertised already even though fuck yeah mince pies, it’s Christmas so I can complain about… well Christmas, but again, fuck yeah mince pies and getting a stone heavier! Ah, good time of year.


Hey, wait…

Do you think maybe Time is actually on my side and so rushing to this time of year because it knows how much I like it? Nah, me neither. Time’s a jerk.

I don’t even know if this is the same thing but I like it too

Anyway, now that my boyfriend is here I’ll be able to go back to celebrating Halloween and I’ll finally be able to watch Stranger Things season 2! I’ve been told ALL the good things about it so these hopes are as high as a kite. On Netflix there is an image of a massive looking spider so I’m interested to see what that is. Oh, speaking of weird creatures. I need to show you this.

This is the flapjack octopus, for all those who like me didn’t know beforehand. It is so bloody adorable that we had to look it up after watching Blue Planet II.

I want one. Actually I want ten thousand of them. An army! March forth!

I’ll also now be playing Until Dawn which is, as I think I’ve already mentioned, a game I’ve wanted to play since its release. My boyfriend bought me a PS4 and the game after I told him about this but I wanted to wait until he was here to enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t me being sweet and thoughtful as a thank you for the gift, he’s scared of his own shadow and so I want to enjoy seeing him spooked. Muahahaha. I’ll be sure to let you know all about it! We’ll also be watching scary films.

Oh, ooooh! Remember how I told you I thought a ghost had a bit of a thing for me and so followed me around and stuff? Well, a couple of nights ago (yes I’m blaming a ghost for this) it broke my Xbox controller. Not in just any way though. Oh ho ho, no. I was watching a TV show called Lore and when the final episode ended and I went to turn it off it instead replayed and wouldn’t let me do anything other than rewatch the episode and listen to the creepy voice speak at a few notches faster than normal. The episode? About bloody doll island! Flashing images of doll heads and ventriloquist dummies haunted me that night. Weird thing about it is that if the A (select) button was broken, then when I managed to navigate to the menu it should have started to select the options I hovered over, but it wouldn’t. It would only work on the doll episode. *shudders*

Okay, and last thing about Halloween. When I posted about it last week I was asked if I dressed up, truth is I didn’t. BUT, I did accidentally leave a wig I was looking at getting for dress up in an order, so I put it on. I also did my make up more make uppy, however I don’t know how to apply make-up so yeah. Seriously though, have you seen those make-up magicians on YouTube? How. It doesn’t matter what fancy brushes I get I still can’t do the eye thing with the smudging. So yes, since I always post on a selfie on a Sunday, although right now I’ve forgotten why, here we are.


About the selfie thing. I was reading this to my boyfriend and when we got to the selfie part he asked me if I remembered – I know it was something to do with self-esteem, although I’m still chicken and get really nervous with Instagram, for some reason. That being said, I’m not sure if it’s become a habit thing. I now feel like it’s part of the weekly blog and if I forget (like I have) it feels weird and like I need to or something will go wrong. I don’t think it is anything to do with my do this or this will happen way of thinking, but will be a right laugh if it is. Post a selfie or you will die. Okay, brain. Keep your britches on.

Lastly, FERRETS!

I’m so pleased I got those wonderful pictures of Seb for Halloween, and I’m sorry to all of you who saw them already, but I’m going to post them again, okay? They’re too cute! So here’s one of them!


I also managed to fiiiinally get a somewhat Halloween-ish picture of Pandora, so here’s that too!


As for Seb’s health, more confusing results have come back so now she’s had the referral go through to see a specialist exotic vet. I have my fingers crossed that she’s getting better but that might be the steroids she’s on helping with the Insulinoma. Does anyone know if steroids can also help with getting over a nasty infection? Yeap, that’s right, still got my ant high hopes that it was just a real nasty bug she’s recovering from.

Okay, this has really gone on. Sorry! Anyone make it this far? You there, in the back! I see you. I got you, bud, you and me surviving this fireworks apocalypse together!

Oh! Last thing, I’ve switched my project from my Jack the Ripper novel to working on a gothic fantasy instead, so I should be posting some fiction this week. It’s a rough first draft of the beginning of Jack so it’s not the best, but I haven’t posted fiction in a little while and it’s something suitable for this time of year! For some reason. I dunno I like reading mysteries and what not in the Winter. Nothing like the fireplace and a good killing to soothe the soul.

Shhhhh, Arbie.


(bye bye!)

Eh heh heh heh heh