Under an unknown sky I waited

to press my body against yours

beneath the moonlight you claim to adore


Watching for your eyes to meet mine

and see all of me

not afraid to be taken in your arms

because mine will push you down with more ferocity

than you thought me capable


You’ll tell me you didn’t think sex could be like that

that you could be held like that

kissed like that

or that a woman could love like that


I’d feel like I’m the one your mother warned you about

not because I would break your heart

but that I would capture it in a vice like grip

and I’d be the girl to say I do


I’d remember what it was to sleep at night

to rest my eyes without need to dream

because you would be my tomorrow


While in another place you’d take me for granted

forgetting that one day I’ll wake

and how secrets fear the dark


You thought to tame me was to have me say I love you

that those words would mean all sins forgiven

but you don’t fuck like that

kiss like that

hold like that

or love like that

when you’ve been brought to your knees, unwilling


You’ll learn you cannot tame a storm

or shield your eyes from the fire

when its lightning crashes down in front of you


When its rain pours down outside your window

and the same moon shines shadows into your night

a silhouette in its light

and a memory of my body moving upon yours

will be all that’s left

because even in our midnight

you never learned

what it meant

to love a woman like that



Hey everyone!

Here is my response to The Daily Post’s prompt Tame. I wanted to do something for this one but I fell asleep and so put something together a little late. But in some places it’s still the right day! Eheheheh. This one might be a little rough around the edges but by George it’s something and better than me thumb twiddling.

Thank you for reading! I’m going to go back to bed now and, uh, most likely twiddle my thumbs! Night night!

28 thoughts on “Tame”

  1. The first part of this was amazing, something maybe found along the road of fire and gold and magic… but then the second part came and it was just crushing. I know it’s a prompt, but I certainly hope no one ever actually treats you like that, takes you for granted, gets you to say something and then leaves. I would be very cross with them indeed. 🙂
    Anyway, this was actually amazing, not at all something that seemed just thrown together in your sleep.

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    1. Can’t tell you how much I love that line of yours! “Fire and gold and magic” aaaaah. Put it in everything! There’s certainly truth in every prompt I respond to! I was about to put a smiley emoji but now I wish there was a smiley emoji that slowly turned into a ruh roh maybe not smiling moment emoji aha.
      And thank you! I just needed that line, you know? The one that sets everything else off. When I’d first thought of responding to tame earlier in the day it wasn’t like this, probably why nothing came. Bloody useless muse. Tell ya, it’d be out on the street if it didn’t come in handy sometimes!

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    1. Mel!! Sodding WP put you in spam! I am not impressed! So sorry I’m late replying!! 😭 Thank you so much. You know I saw a TED talk said putting your hands on your hips actually makes you feel more empowered. I tried it the other day and felt like wonder woman… In a kitchen… Waiting for the kettle to boil. But hey, it worked! 😂 ❤❤❤❤

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  2. Sensual and heart breaking. Like kissing someone and holding them while crying your eyes out . When you could die in that moment.
    You got me good with this one ❤

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    1. Pretty much sums up my summer! What a messy time that was. And aaaah, I remember that post. So good. 🙂 Not sure a smiling emoji is the right one for this, not sure my laptop will let me do a heart. ❤ It does! Rejoice!


      1. Chuckle…
        It’s all experiences. Anything that makes our hearts and minds pour out words like that , adds to who we are.
        Or something.

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  3. Really loved this poem! Such amazing imagery mixed with the powerful words of passion make this really stand out. It shows an extremely strong sense of ones own character by portraying such lustful and intimate moments. Once again please continue blessing us with such creative and innovative works of art. Your talent is beyond extraordinary!

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