Boy, I wanna warn ya…

It’s here! Well, almost…kinda. Halloween is only a couple of days away! Are you celebrating? Are you one of the many people watching Stranger Things? One of whom I can only look at through the window pane like you’re eating caviar by a roaring fire and I’m in fingerless gloves outside? Look, I’m sorry for the drawn out sentence but you know I can’t write no good and also my mind is a blur with Stranger Things envy. I need to wait until next week to watch it! If you’re enjoying it blink once, if you’re not blink twice, if you’re going to post a spoiler get outta here! Go on! Get!

I actually have no plans for Halloween this year other than my usual hexes. It’s like how people write out a bunch of cards at Christmas but I make sure I give the gift that keeps on giving at Halloween and curse people with frogs in their ears and endless marmite on toast for breakfast. Still though, I want to dress up. So I might find an excuse. Like a party with my neighbours! Only they don’t know how I got in their house and are surprised you can still get a decent sounding boombox anymore.

(I leave notes for myself to remind future me what to put in my posts to break the text, for this I wrote Ballwoom Blitz…Ballwoom. Jeeves! Put the guests in the ballwoom! ahahah)

I’ll also be watching spooOoooOOOoooky films. Oh, I watched Dracula on Friday (Bram Stoker’s but really Gary Oldman’s Dracula). So, pointy teeth sexy sexy. Don’t get me wrong, I love vampires. I breathed the stuff when I was younger: read it, wrote it, watched it, thought hey why can’t I be Dracula life isn’t fair. But I just couldn’t help but love the film on a whole new level this time round. I’m not sure if it was my more established appreciation of the actors, or well, just me thinking my thoughts where I think that I’m hilarious.

For example, Jonathan Harker’s correspondence with Mina really got me. Missed out a few details, didn’t he? His journals, letters, meandering thoughts really should have gone something more like this…

My dearest Mina,

Sorry I haven’t been able to get a message to you sooner. There are few who pass by here and I fear I am trapped. Oh, also been involved in a tad few orgies with some chicks that appeared out of a bed. Was all going great until things got a bit bitey and that miserable bloke I’m staying with decided to walk in. Mad stuff!

I think of you daily. You are the sun I dream rises when I am engulfed by night.

I’ll be home to you soon,

My love,


P.S Can you actually maybe just ignore that orgy bit? Really didn’t mean to tell you that just got a bit carried away and we haven’t invented a delete button yet. Thanks. Yours and stuff, Jonathan.


Meanwhile, Mina is having her own new love affair with Dracula and some seductive wolf stroking. Yesss, mmmmm, that’s it, rub your leather gloves on my leather gloves. Poor wolf is just sitting there like “Guys, guys, this is getting a bit weird, guys…”



Also never realised how much Dracula wanted senpai to notice him…


Other than watching Dracula and wondering who it is that Lucy reminds me of, I started to watch The Changeling (but fell asleep so must retry) and watched Candyman.

If you ask me Candyman has it right when it comes to love. Just keep killing everyone around your object of desire and having her take the blame for it and all will come right in the end. We need a Valentine’s Day card like that.

I think I have a lucrative career in hallmark ahead of me!

What else has happened…oh! I found some manky old dye in my bathroom cupboard and decided I’d put it in my hair because, well, I could and I was drunk on warm bath water. You ever get that? You’re in the bath and suddenly it’s like you’re just floating and everything seems like a good idea. Well who is going through a phase now, Mom? Huh!



As for my ferrets, because they’re always the real stars of the show: Seb is on steroids and so getting jacked but also has been having a pretty good week. She’s had a couple of wobbly days but had some brilliant days where I had to do what I could to calm her down as she was grabbing my foot and clinging on for dear life!

Little cutie pie ❤

Pandora also had a visit to the vet and was given the all clear. Unfortunately we suspect she licked the table because she was soon dragged back out and having another examination after clawing at her mouth. The silly little wolfen is fine now though.

Yes, that’s one of my socks. I took it off and she stole it. Had to sneak it from her while she was cuddling it.

I hope you’ve all had a brilliant weekend and that you’re enjoying being in The Upside Down, that is, those of you who I am glaring at right now. Bah humbug!



31 thoughts on “Boy, I wanna warn ya…”

  1. Indubitably, twas an enjoyable blog indeed. You look marvelous as always but we prefer your natural beautiful hair. You’re gonna wake up to seb arm wrestling leo and putting ashley in a choke hold. You might want to get Panda checked out again after chewing on your socks. Don’t want that nasty athletes foot rubbing off on her! the last thing you need is a ferret that smells like feet!

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    1. Thank you on all fronts with this!! I watched another last night called I am the pretty thing that lives in the house and I realized some films are too smart for me!!


  2. Your story today gave me a good giggle, and oh gee, do I need a good giggle…….. I remember way back I went to see the live stage performance of Dracula, and it was spectacular !! And today Janebasilblog wrote a spine chilling Jack The Ripper poem, link here, . And Saturday night I went to a Halloween Party, run by the Geelong Irish Society, a pic attached of my friends kids in their Halloween costumes, Finn, Katie, Iylah and Niamh. hope the pic works….!Asumt4cZ9A65g8RTzKPoar5S70OYZg

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    1. Awwwh I’m so pleased it gave you a giggle Ivor you def need one and def deserve one!! I’m jealous you saw a live stage performance! Oh my goodness I bet it was spectacular! Love reading about Jack the Ripper so will have a look for sure! I think I can’t access the links because it wants me to have a one drive account and I keep telling it I don’t want one! I’ll try on my laptop again! 💖💖💖💖


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