wordpress tried to vanish this post

Oof have I had a busy past two days!

Yeah, okay, you got me. I haven’t.

I didn’t keep thinking of things to write about though, and then promptly forgetting, which is brilliant because that brings us to today where I can’t think of a thing.

You know I was once told I had a problem with run on sentences? Personally I don’t think I have the problem with run on sentences I think those who read them and don’t like them have the problem.

I’ve written for long enough to know how I like to write and that ain’t cookie cutter! I tell you I have two degrees in English and Creative Writing and do you know what they did to me?

They made me worse.

They made me an insecure wreck while writing, shivering before any use of an adverb, because they’re evil don’t you know. I dunno, maybe I improved some, but I don’t think I needed to spend so much money on learning that which I could have taught myself just by continuing to write.

My writing output actually reduced drastically after those degrees. I wasn’t alone in this, others who studied writing spoke to me about having the same happen to them. I think some people thrive from those courses, people who desire to be told how to write and that there is a one way fits all way of doing it.

J K Rowling seemed to be pretty well despite her use of adverbs, Terry Pratchett, too. It’s almost as if being a good writer with a great story is more important than some strange guidance and limitations we put on novice writers.

Or maybe I’m just rambling, probably that. But let me be clear, I don’t like being told what to do when it comes to my writing. Want to know something I hate? Something I see as the mark of a book snubbed nose grubbing pixie arsed snot rag? When somebody says *ahem*, when somebody purrrssssss “shooowww don’t telllll”.

There I said it. When somebody comes at you and that’s all they have it is the mark of nonsense. Especially when you’ve balanced your showing and telling on a nice scale just the way you like it.

Ahahah, I say most of this in jest. I just had an afternoon nap you see and I woke up grumpy the same way I have ever since I was a child. Funny how some things always stay the same.

Anyway, no one reads this drivel so I can write what I want and then change my mind about it fifty times over without worrying about pitchforks banging on my door and lanterns alighting the porch in their modern day witch hunt gloooooow.

It’s funny how so many people are afraid to say what they think now, isn’t it? Or perhaps it’s sad. Maybe even dangerous. But it makes me feel a little better to call it “funny”.

What on Earth had I planned to write about today? Because it wasn’t this. Oh well. This is where my fingers took us this afternoon. Or perhaps my brain. I’m not sure which came first.

I don’t think I should have eaten those Haribo Sour Streamers. Too much sugar for this ol’ gal. I’m going to go before I say something that would REALLY bring out the twitter warriors. Although I think they’re all in a frenzy over Elon Musk and I’m just a little nobody with no one to worry about and an apple flavoured streamer with my name on it.

Come to momma.

Arbie X

2 thoughts on “wordpress tried to vanish this post”

  1. Haha ..I always read your drivel … your honesty warms my heart, and sometimes chills my toes …this morning I wrote an abstract poem about today …

    “Day One” 
    Before Day One 
    I wished upon a star 
    That the milk-bar  
    Was not too far away 
    My life’s bread was crumbling 
    My weathered hands were fumbling 
    Witnessing the last supper was humbling  
    Day One 
    There, beyond the darkness  
    Out in the universe 
    From a million light-years away 
    Under an alien’s microscopic frame 
    We would all look the same 
    After Day One 
    I wished for the dust to settle 
    Then waited for rusted gunmetal 
    To mature into household kettles  
    Whistling hallelujah to new sunflower petals 

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