Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

This year I will make it my mission to…no, wait. Back up! It’s New Years when we make promises we know we won’t keep isn’t it? Or is it New Years Eve? Please help, I don’t know when I’m supposed to try convince myself that I’ll take up Pilates and run a mile a week!

From what I recall of maybe the book but possibly the film the ghost of Christmas future takes Scrooge on the pleasant journey of witnessing his own death. That’s rather grim, I know. It’s supposed to be Christmas, the ghost could have at least popped a mince pie in the mix somewhere.

“Here is your gravestone but look someone put a mince pie on it.”

It was very hard not to write McDuck on this.

See, it’s not that hard! He could have pretended it was on purpose and not everyone hated him but then I suppose scrooge wouldn’t have changed his ways…oh, so what! He made a damn more interesting character before the ghosts. Wasn’t nice scrooge that said bah humbug was it? No, nice scrooge just danced with a turkey or something.

But what would the ghost of Christmas future have in store for me? Those bony hands, all curled round except a single finger, pointing forth to signal my fate.

It’s unfinished novels
Freewriting after freewriting
What is any other kind of writing
I hear ostriches are kindest in March
It’s writing words to shroud thoughts
It’s being honest without the full story
Because that story is boring
It’s more interesting when red riding hood befriends the wolf
I’d name him Peaches

I’ve always been candid in my rambling posts. Is candid the right word? Perhaps. I don’t know, I’m not the dictionary. Fuck, I don’t even know how to punctuate! How the hell would I know what I was doing with anything else? I just write as it comes. I get something sometimes and other times we get this because what I’m trying to say is that in our ghost of Christmas future I will be posting more about mental health, I will be posting more about writing, I will be posting for the sake of posting, I will be doing what I can to distract myself, I will be a ball of misery and sometimes that goop will get on you but if you’ve been here a while you’ll know that this one trick pony will also want to entertain you and make you smile – despite what bulbasaur might say it’s not all about me except when it is- and possibly make you want to hug a ferret or something, I don’t know, I do know there’ll be ferrets, and there will also be fiction. Ferrets and fiction, well that’s something I could have sold my soul for.

Have you ever heard of ASMR? It’s really good. I get to go to the dentist whenever I want and the doctors and because I supposedly always have lice these asmrists are kind enough to check my scalp constantly!

Why am I talking about lice?

I hope you all had a great boxing day! Stuffed your face with food and sat around like a potato in pajamas!

Oh! And here is my call to arms. I haven’t been on here a lot lately and so I’m struggling to play catch up. So! I’d like to ask that if any of you have a couple of posts that you’re pleased with or proud of or would just bloody like to share then please feel free to post them in the comment section.

This is a short post because of something I’ll explain another day that isn’t this one. So here’s a picture of me in the snow. I love snow.

This isn’t filtered. It really is that blue…or grey, or something cold! Perfect for a sherk!

24 thoughts on “Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come”

    1. You know, I’ve never had egg nog! I feel it’s something I must change in life. I’m away from my fiance for Christmas so hopefully when we have second Christmas in a few weeks I’ll finally try some!


    1. This I can certainly relate to and will be writing about soon! I mean if I’m thinking about what you’re thinking about and now I sound like we’re part of a secret club…heck, why not. Meet you in the treehouse in an hour!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Encoldended and enlaughended! I am both enpleasened and enpolgeticed! Aaha! Hey, it’s hard to spell words both correctly and incorrectly when smushing them together!


      1. It’s easy to misspell words when you’re enhurrified. Or when autocorrect says “Meh… Looks fine to me. ”


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