Stonehearst Asylum is Happy Happy

Last night I left off talking about a film I was about to watch. The film, Stonehearst Asylum, turned out to be incredible. Seriously worthy of its five stars. It’s based on an Edgar Allen Poe story that I now need to read, even though I know the ending. The twists were so good. Usually there is one twist in a story, so when a second one comes it’s even better. In my experience anyway. You kind of expect one twist, and honestly sometimes I find them pretty dull, only put in for the sake of having a twist rather than it actually adding anything to the story. In the case of Stonehearst Asylum however it was great. Added so much and really left me thinking about it after and how to effectively write twists, as it’s something I so rarely do.

Other than watching Stonehearst I also started watching a show from 2010 called Life Unexpected. I’m really enjoying it, it’s funny but also emotional in parts. It’s about a girl who upon wanting to become emancipated so she can leave the foster care system ends up with her two biological parents as her foster carers. I’ve always thought about adopting when I’m financially and mentally stable, but I’ve read about the negative side as well as the positive. I don’t know. I think that’s a heavier post that should be made when I’m more seriously considering it. Right now though, if you haven’t seen the show I’d recommend it!

The NaNoWriMo project is still in my mind. I partly wish I was using this time to write one of the stories I have been planning on writing for a long time, but that would be the opposite of writing something new and fresh to my mind with no strings attached. That’s how this book feels. A no strings attached writing relationship. I’m not thinking about querying it or ever trying to sell it. It’s just practice.

I’m too aware of time slipping through my fingers though. I’m young, don’t get me wrong, I know that. Even if I only wrote one book every two years I’d still be able to write them all. I think. Wait, let me brain try to math. Okay it would put me in my fifties, but that’s fine. By the time I’m fifty it’ll probably be the new thirty. We’ll also probably be able to put our consciousness inside a robot. I hope I can be a cat robot. No, what am I saying? I want to be a xenomorph. Then my love won’t be seen as so taboo! Oh, xenomorph, come hither!

Anyway, again, as always, well this month always…

Until next time,


Oh! And one last thing. Upon watching a video about what’s out this week in terms of comics and toys, I saw a pop for Crimson Peak. I’m pretty certain it spoiled who the ghost is in the film. I’m hoping it didn’t. But, I also found out what happens in Attack on Titan thanks to pops. Thanks, pops. Ruining my dreams. All of them! Dust because of you! (I’m joking, I love Pops. Let’s get married. I’ll be American Horror Story Gimp Suit, you be Elsa.)

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