Dag nabbiting nabbiters

Gee, and I thought I’d have nothing to write about today. I’m angry at the moment, so I’m sorry if I come across as harsh or whatever.

I’ve seen so many of these posted online. Often with people thinking they’re fighting the good fight, you know? The thing I never thought about before was, what if they were wrong? Well, tonight, aggressive street vigilante, you were wrong.

I’ve briefly mentioned that my fiancé is unwell. In fact, I think the first time I did was yesterday. He is actually currently being medically retired from the military. Now, of course, I don’t expect people to know his backstory, why would they? But for exactly that reason, I also don’t expect people to leave a note that says this:


By all means, make the call. For all the writer of this note knew, the person parked there was doing it without a placard. The thing is, my fiancé does have a temporary disability placard – he just forgot to put it on display.

At least we had a laugh at this!
Don’t get me wrong, our fault it wasn’t put on display, completely get that! We shouldn’t have forgotten. So, to be clear, I am not angry that we were issued a ticket. I am angry that someone decided to write a stranger a note like the above.

In what vile world is that okay? I said when I first started writing this that I have seen posts on the internet with people celebrating others being called out and ticketed and towed in the past for wrongly using disability spots, and how I’d never thought that the person leaving notes like the one we received today could be wrong. But then again, I don’t leave notes like that. If I ever thought about leaving a note like that, maybe I’d also consider the fact that the person forgot, that I could be wrong and receiving a note like that for a disabled person is a really shit thing to happen.

One of the annoying things about it, too, is that one of the reasons my fiancé forgot to put the placard in the window is because the new medication he is on is messing with his head. He is forgetting everrrrything at the moment. But the most annoying? The reason I’m writing this because I am so angry that someone took it upon themselves to leave such a shitty and nasty note, is how it left my fiancé feeling.

I mentioned that he is physically unwell, he is also mentally unwell. I have been through so much with him, and tonight, after so many on the up nights, to see him go in on himself, to hear him question if he is just lazy, for me to sit and think okay, how is this night going to go now. Is he at risk?

I sit next to him and I tell him, “This note, it wasn’t for you. They didn’t know. They’re not calling you a ‘lazy fuck’. They didn’t know.”

And the writer of the note didn’t know. So sure, make the fucking call. But before you go leaving aggressive shitty notes on people’s cars, also have the forethought that they might have just made a mistake, and you’re about to make a bigger one.



Arbie x


16 thoughts on “Dag nabbiting nabbiters”

    1. I wonder if we’ve always been this way but now it’s more noticeable because of social media… although, I think you’re right. Especially given the types of things I’ve heard of people watching online etc. Need more kindness in the world.

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    1. I feel like that’s it. If it were another disabled person surely they’d know that sometimes people forget to hang their sign – from what we looked up online it happens a lot. Bah. Sucky lame people!

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    1. I agree, or where people get off thinking it’s okay to be such jerks. I said to my fiance, I just couldn’t do something like that. If I called it in and left a note it would say more along the lines of: “Sorry if you just forgot to hang your sign, just don’t like people using these spots who don’t need it.” You know? I always try give the benefit of the doubt. It just seems these past couple of weeks have been full of sucky people.

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    1. Perfectly summed up! Def a combination of ignorance and arrogance going on. Worst bit is the hand writing on the note and the ticket look pretty similar. Hoping an officer wouldn’t write something so nasty!

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