It hasn’t got a title yet

I keep writing and then deleting what I have written and I don’t know why. It’s not as though I’m writing something super personal that I’m struggling to type. I wrote “I had an idea for some fiction today” deleteeee and then “Happy Sunday!” deelleeeetee. I think my brain is just a bit sleepy and being a fancy bitch that isn’t satisfied with anything right now. Not even this fleece I have over my lap, it’s not fleecing right. Okay, now we’re good.

But, I did have an idea to write some fiction today. I had beginning, middle and end all ready to go, I just didn’t write it. I might give it a go tomorrow. It’s nothing exceptional, and it’s in line with all this virus malarkey and how I feel about what some people are doing.

I mean, have you seen that there are people making money from this? Ooooh my blood boils at the thought of it. Yesterday I read that a couple in Canada had made 30k by buying and then reselling antibacterial wipes. Just loading up in Costco then reselling them for four times the price on Amazon. They were spotted by a reporter who was on his way inside to broadcast the panic shoppers, but when he saw the couple loading up a car with stacks of these wipes I guess he hit jackpot in terms of a story. The selfish people had been going from store to store and spending thousands upon thousands to buy out all the stock and resell. Why? Well, according to the man, because they have bills to pay! Who doesn’t? And after people have to buy racked up priced items because of horrible people like that then they’re going to be the ones unable to pay their bills.

I suppose the real reason I’m spitting acid over this, although, honestly it made me pretty damn angry regardless… but, it’s because of something my dad said on the phone today. I called them to make sure they weren’t going shopping or anywhere really when they don’t need to. He promised that they would only go once a week, but then added in, “well, unless we have to make multiple trips to try and find certain items because of everyone clearing the shelves.” Great. So, two people who are vulnerable to this virus have to drag themselves all over the damn place because of bastards like those self-proclaimed “hustlers” I mentioned above. And they won’t be alone in doing it, and my parents won’t be alone in not being able to buy supplies.

Another thing about the hoarding mentality that I think is utterly stupid. When people hoard everything for themselves, they are aiding in the spread of the virus. They are making it so others aren’t able to protect themselves and their environment so, sure! The hoarders can have their stacks of anti-whatever stuff, and keep their castle clean, and then they can go out and be around people who were unable to do the same because of the boxes of unused items back in the hoarders homes.

Aaah, annoying. I know shelves will restock soon and that humanity is just yet again rearing its ugly and selfish head (social animals, are we?) for a short minute in bulk, but I feel like I needed that little rant. Sorry you had to be on the reading end of it. I just, I don’t know. I say I’m a misanthropist, but maybe I’m not? Maybe I really do care about people and I just get so damn angry at those who take advantage of terrible situations, or those who just don’t think about what they are doing – obviously much more angry at the former.

Anyway, that was weird. My husband is playing Xbox while I write this and he just played against someone who I think might be a streamer. They were talking about everything they were doing but then ended up rage quitting when things didn’t go their way and they were losing. Exciting! I haven’t seen rage quitters in a while!

Bah, back to how this post was originally going to start. I was going to write fiction, but instead I did some much-needed cleaning. Illnesses and all that rubbish get in the way and so things pile up that need doing. But, I’m still on a good energy streak and so actually finding myself restless today I got on with cleaning out one of the closets we use the most. It felt good to sort through the piles of clothes and finally make use of a couple of nightstands. I’ll be switching things around again once we’ve finished decorating our bedroom but for now, it’s one of those breathe deep feel happy type things to have the closet organized and cleaned. It sounds like a small feat and I’m sure to many it is, but it left me feeling happy so I’ll take it! Tomorrow I hope to continue with the lawn mowing and paint the hallway (at least, get another coat on the wall… the white is really struggling to take over the sand colour).

Oh! We have hornets trying to make a nest in our porch. I’m hoping to purchase some decoy nests and then hoping they will actually work. Our neighbours have them and they’ve been here many years so I think it’s not a bad thing to try at least. It’s starting to get really hot here now, so I need to get this stuff done before I go into Summer hibernation! I’m excited by this energy though and how hard I’m trying with different mental exercises. Admittedly last night was a bad night for me, but today was a new day and a good day! So, vuhuu!

I hope you’ve had something to vuhuu about today. Sorry about the angry rant up there. I’ll probably worry a bit about posting this. But, what’s different about that, though?!

Take it easy and here’s to good days ahead for us all!

Arbie X

2 thoughts on “It hasn’t got a title yet”

  1. Hello Arbus dear …..reading and thinking about your topic and the dismay it brings to me. It is enough that we are dealing with a super contagious deadly bastard nanoparticle …. let alone the denizens of society behaving intolerably. There was another lady in a Costco parking lot here selling directly from the back of her SUV! So the scourge is not only microscopic, it walks on two legs! Comment rant over hehe …. just checking in to send you healthy vibes and happy isolation as required xxx

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    1. Oooh how my eyes lit up when I saw “Hello Arbus”! I thought you’d left these ‘ere place! I’m beginning to worry reader isn’t putting everyone I follow in its feed. Gonna kick it.
      I agree with your comment rant! I can’t believe someone was so brazen as to be selling them in the car park. I wish no one would buy them so that these people would end up badly out of pocket, or that it would be an arrestable offence. Or, or, we could all take rotten apples and lob them at them like in the good ol’ interactive theatre days!
      Thank you for the healthy vibes! I hope you and yours are staying safe and happy too! 💜⚘


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